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New to this forum guys, just lookin a bit of advice, I’ve been playing for a while now, recently joined a club and got an official GUI H/Cap of 23. I have been reading up on equipment that can potentially help me reduce it, particularly irons, mine are pretty aged now. Anyone got and views/suggestions?
you would be better posting this in a thread on the forum, it will be read by far more people than a profile description.
Hello, I'm Marc from Liverpool and I'm creating a golf community for the ads in our church, which is open to anyone over 21yrs of age who enjoys playing golf and eating lots of food. . . Also, if anyone knows of any good municipal courses around the North West or reasonably priced clubs, be great to hear from you . . . . . thanks, Marc
Shout fore as loud as you can and the group in front will still moan they didn’t hear anything as your ball dared to venture within 20 yards of them. Open a KitKat while they’re 80 yards away on the next tee, however, and they’ll react like you just set off a whole fireworks factory inside their eardrums.
Hi. Born 1983. Two young kids, married and work in London so I have no free time whatsoever.
I now live in Cambridgeshire and play golf when I can, which is becoming much more intermittent than before.

There's always one part of my game that doesn't click when I play golf but the part that doesn't click will rotate. So I'm either rubbish off the tee, can't strike the ball well, leak everything to the right, can't chip or can't putt. But I still love the game of golf.

I like this forum for the interesting threads that come up. I enjoy hearing about people having a great round, finally getting something right on the course or working on something at the range that I'd like to try.

I can be opinionated. Apologies in advance. It's something I am working on.

In my bag I've got mainly TaylorMade clubs. RBZ 3 wood, R11 irons and a combination of cleveland wedges.
I tend to use TaylorMade balls, Footjoy gloves and Footjoy shoes.
Hi CaptainRon
I am planning to play coming Wednesday afternoonwith Jim (Rosecott). Can you join us, if so what time is best for you? My mobile number is 07909774902
Raph (RichRaph)
In the bag

X2hot pro 8.5 x stiff aldila green
X2hot pro 13.5 x stiff aldila green
ping I 25 x stiff pwr 90
Callaly 2013 x forged 4-pw 6.0 pxi
50 mack daddy 2
54&58 Cleveland ref wedges
odyssey 9 metal x

Handicap 3.9