What have you got booked that is likely to be cancelled?

Aug 6, 2007
Bracknell - Berkshire
Few gigs including my old mucker Fish due in Northampton last weekend (and a catch up in the day). Been re-scheduled so not lost any cash. Few golfing days have gone astray but again these can be re-booked. To be honest once HID and I saw what was happening in China and then as it spread we decided against booking too much anyway. The one I am annoyed about is the British Par 3 championship and my usual VIP/Media passes. Again though in the scheme of things not a biggie


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Nov 18, 2008
The sparky to finish off his 2nd fix, test and sign everything off
The floorer to latex the bathroom floor, overboard the hallway floor and Amtico the lot
The plasterer to skim the hallway and 2 bedroom ceilings
The estate agent to value and sell the property :(
On the move again Steve?
Aug 22, 2015
Only a few days in Nice for me and the wife and a friend's wedding in May which has been cancelled.

Heard today that a former work colleague lost her father last week, not to corona virus, but the funeral could only be attended by her stepmother. That puts it all into context and why I think some of the posts on the forum about the situation we find ourselves, and jokes about carrying on playing golf, are in poor taste.
Sep 2, 2010
I was due to play the Queens the day before and the PGA on that Monday. We could have been sat next to each other in the bar, completely unawares :D.

The course will still be there though going forwards, we can go back when this is all over (obviously not at peak green fee time though o_O)
That would have been just like me. Sitting next to you in the clubhouse completely oblivious.

Hopefully they'll allow us to reschedule to later in the year, or even next year as I think this will run and run.
Feb 16, 2012
Chorley, Lancs
Had a 5 night golf holiday in Scotland that’s been pushed back 12 months.
2 night break for me, the Mrs and our daughter to Bowness inc going to Cartmel races.
Not cancelled yet but looking more and more likely to be is 2 weeks in St Lucia in June for the wife’s 40th.


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Dec 11, 2011
East Sussex
We have postponed all our society meets until next year
Mediterranean cruise in July, regardless we are going to cancel
A weeks holiday in Portugal in August , so hoping it goes ahead as our 6 year old granddaughter is excited to be going with just her grandparents and without her toddler brother.
Most importantly though, my very popular mother in laws funeral is to be held on 6th April and would have been attended by more than 80 people, currently it is restricted to close family only and by the time it comes round could be just my wife and her brother. If that happens I will stay at home with the father in law who has severe dementia. My wife is struggling with it all.
Jul 7, 2018
Lombardy, Italy
Got a Hcp cut of 2 about 6 weeks ago and then everything stalled with comps cancelled etc

Obviously on that trajectory i would have been cat 1 around September and probably able to compete on the Seniors tour later in the year

So in summary - my planned booking for the seniors Q school is looking less likely

Thats a shame as I may need the easy money