Tiger's 43 - great stuff

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Tigers ratehr crap back nine on Sunday of 43 at Bay Hill reminded me of a medal I played in 2005, standing on the 14th tee 1 under par having played really well (for me), I proceeded to finish bogey, double bogey, double bogey, par, bogey to end up with a 5 over 75. I was sick as a pike and suffered those anti-climatic blues that only a golfer knows for at least 2 days!
I was sort of glad in a way to see the world's best golfer do something similar, give's us all hope I think. Ok Bay Hill is a lot tougher than my local track but what the hell. I get a feeling this may not be Tiger's year - current indifferent form, a pile of new hotshots getting better all the time, plus baby on the way for Tiger suggest his focus may be elsewhere. Jack's record 18 majors is looking much stronger again.


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Oct 15, 2006
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"Jack's record 18 majors is looking much stronger again. "

After yet another WCG event in the bag, I wouldn't be so sure!