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Nov 20, 2011
Port Louis
Car just had its first ‘MOT’, I think there's three primary differences to getting one in the UK
  1. Cars only require a test when it reaches 7 years old (is the UK still 3?)
  2. First MOT lasts 2 years not 1
  3. All cars go to dedicated government test centres round the country, no garages do these tests. So it’s a bit like a conveyor/production line of cars going through one after another and they don't do any repairs
I think 7yrs might be too long but 3 seems way too short for a modern car to need safety tests etc. 5yrs would seem about right
I like that the first mot lasts 2 years, again I think it better reflects modern cars
While I’m told queuing for the test can be a pain if you go on the wrong day/time (no booking system) i.e Saturday mornings might see you there ½ a day. I like that its only tests that are done, so no one stopping to help his mate out with a gearbox on another car or adding little jobs that ‘need’ to be done (brake pads etc) just so they can bill you for extras etc

Anything you'd like to see change about the UK system of vehicle testing?