St Andrews - Old Course

Sep 2, 2010
Emailed them yesterday to ask about 'upgrading' to the Old Course when we do our usual October trip.
The reply was they are not cancelling any tee times yet and are waiting on advice from the government about what to do.


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Dec 17, 2018
They don't need to change much. Unclaimed or cancelled visitor times are automatically opened to the ballot and for the singles queue anyway. The starter will assign those tee times and with the links trust make any adjustment for managing a reduction to 2 golfers per tee if that's the advice of the government and R&A. Any free times after all that would back to the ballot and singles as usual.

I doubt very much we'll see any change in pricing. We'll find out soon though.
I think they will need to make significant changes.

The last minute approach to allocating slots, with the ballot and singles queue, encourages people to travel to St Andrews and mill around, which isn't compatible with the ethos of social distancing.


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May 15, 2014
I'm looking at the plan now.

It's pretty much as I expected, in the first phase of opening they're using the established booking and ballot processes with tees limited to 2 balls only and it's only open to yearly ticket holders (no visitors allowed). Not all courses are opening. Strath, Jubilee and Castle will be a phased return and remain closed. The "Singles queue" on the Old is effectively telephone booking on the day of play (same as winter) so that every tee is balloted or booked in advance.

Social golf only and no facilities are opening. The only thing stopping me playing is I live 7 miles away.