Silver lining?


Journeyman Pro
Apr 1, 2016
Can't think of a hobby I've wanted to do that I can do in my house. All of my hobbies are currently curtailed (football, golf, badminton). I can play guitar still, but not with my band of course.
No kids but more time with the wife.. not sure if that's a good or bad thing, I'll let you know in a month. :ROFLMAO:
I didn't spent that much time in the pub anyway really. Couldn't afford to.
I've bought practise net and balls so my swing doesn't turn to dust in the meantime.
Cooking involved ingredients which means shopping more regularly... although I did poach eggs yesterday for the first time in my life, in order to make my wife's favourite breakfast for her birthday. So you might have something there!

Only positive for me at the moment is saving money. Not travelling to work saves me 11 quid every day - Over 200 a month. Not playing golf saves me green fees, because as I've mentioned before my membership was only £90 for the year with green fees paid as and when. So that's another 20 quid a week saved. If this is all lifted before summer ends me and the lads are going to play at an actual nice course for once with the money saved. :p
The saving part is decent

£200 a month less for golf is useful but more electric used at home for sure .. shopping costs slightly more but not much
Mar 3, 2008
sarf Lunnon
I'm enjoying doing the garden - enjoying in the sense that I can do it at a sedate pace and without any thought that I could be doing something better. Hope I can maintain the same attitude when it comes to tidying the shed.

And the £70 that was in my wallet last Friday is still there. All of it.