Should This Be the End of Cheap Pay and Play Deals


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May 7, 2019
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Just joined here to have my say on this thread.

My wife & I have played golf for 8 years or so and have little interest in joining a club. Speaking for myself, I don't want play the same course every week. I enjoy playing different courses. I have no interest in the social aspect of a golf club. The type of people who are, are generally not the sort of people I am interested in socialising with. I have had the misfortune to encounter some of the more obnoxious members on and around courses. I have no interest in playing in comps or with random people. I have no interest in getting an official handicap. I don't care if a course isn't in pristine condition. I play with friends too. So there is no incentive whatsoever for me to join a club.

I use online booking to get the best price I can. Sometime this is through the club's site, sometimes through teeofftimes etc. It seems that some club members look down on those who aren't and don't think they should be allowed on their course. Or they think that visitors have less respect for the course. It's clear to me that many members fail to fix divots and pitch marks and don't rake bunkers, which I always do. At a time like this, if tee times are at a premium, then members should get priority up to a point, but visitors keeps clubs going too.

Plenty of people don't join clubs for one or more of the reasons I've mentioned. Golf still has a snobby, exclusive and expensive reputation because of attitudes like this and many people are put off the game. In reality there's no reason why golf can't be fairly cheap and accessible, but maybe some don't want it to be.
I’m quite surprised that you can make it into the pro shop to pay the green fee with that chip on your shoulder.


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Aug 6, 2010
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Interesting as much as they dont post the other side, how many members they lost at renewals (if theyve just had one) or how many they expect to lose, how much money theyre losing from having no green fees/socieities and no bar or catering etc

Seems a very pro golf membership article from a very pro golf membership type of publication, plenty of soundbites with very little context as well as some rather large assumptions from a select few clubs that fit the bill, lets see how theyre doing in 6/12/18 mths and how the wider industry is doing

Would happily bet the rapidly decreasing in price house that there will be less golf club members than more this time next year ;)