Short Off The Tee

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Feb 27, 2010
I reckon this is one of those 'my friend' stories, when really its crazyface who is the shortest hitter in the group and is just to embarrassed to admit to it.;):LOL:

Edit I enjoy CF posts most of the time, sure most are meant light hearted and tongue in cheek.

Of all the posts to pick. I'd like to select this one. I really do mean well.....but on to the post. Sorry, I've been "feeding the nation" busy!!!!
There were a few that hit the nail right on the head. I liked the shut up and let him play the game. Lots actually are right. Very very right!!!! He's golf nuts and Me and the rest of his many many mates know this. I was hoping for a crazy one thought / idea to give him the extra oooooomph with trying. Coz we know he's never gonna do the lessons. He had a spell hitting only hydrid off the tee and was much better. He's struggled on 28 for years and due to new rules has quickly jumped up to 32. Off whites at his course he will get to 35 soon. Off yellows he's ok, well should be really. Such a mates mate.