Repairing terrible greens


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Nov 18, 2008
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Aug 5, 2018

My club is facing real issues with the greens. After we got back from lockdown, they were bad but we all accepted it would take some time to get them right. After a few weeks, they slowly started to get a little better and then the sprinkler system broke. It took a long while to get that fixed, due to the fact they didn't pay the repair guy from a previous job several months before :sleep: To put it bluntly, this put the greens in the worst state that they've probably ever been in and that continued until the end of July. Real work by the greenkeepers was started on them 3 weeks ago resulting in temps through the whole course, and they were reopened yesterday... I didn't play, but by all accounts they are apparently even worse now :confused: I am hoping that in a few weeks, we will see some improvement, but my concern is that the practice green had the same work done a couple of weeks earlier. That is currently in such a bad state that if it was on a fairway, in normal circumstances I would expect it to be marked as GUR.
Aug 16, 2020
This is very reminiscent of a course I used to play which over the years just got worse and worse before inevitably closing.
The course was relatively new but was built on an old pit area and suffered massively with drainage issues, when it was wet it was like playing in a bog.

The last time I played it they knocked us a fiver off the green fee before we teed off almost to apologise for what was to come.
The rough hadn’t been mowed at all, the fairways were long, dry greens with weeds coming through and hardly any grass on them. Some of the flags were only 2-3 feet high and looked like they had been taken from a football pitch. There was even a burnt out car at the side of one of the tee boxes.

I think it shut down a few months later if memory serves me right. A right mess.


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May 20, 2017
There are times when even the good courses suffer
So many chemicals that have been used in the past to help maintain good greens have now been banned

In recent times ours have suffered from fusarium. New chemical kills every living thing, there are reports of pets dying where people have use them on their own lawns.

Damage from birds pecking out the chafer grubs (chemical killer for the grubs banned) we are resorting to manual methods to get rid of the grubs.

We now have dollar spot on a couple of the greens which may well have been caused by the usual early season maintenance not having been done.


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Aug 6, 2007
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I would start looking for another club if they are that bad.
Agreed. I have played some courses where the greens have been abysmal. If I was a member and the greens had got to that state and the club weren't capable of paying for work done to fix the watering it would set alarm bells ringing and I'd be reluctant to invest too much more in terms of subs. If the practice green hasn't improved it doesn't sound as though their plan is working although we did have that bout of exceptionally hot weather and then heavy rain last week