Played golf in the Scottish Highlands? What factors influence your decision when choosing a golf destination?

Sep 3, 2007
I attend the University of the Highlands and Islands, based in Dornoch Scotland and I am currently in my final year of my BA(Hons) in Golf Management. I would greatly appreciate if you could fill out a quick online survey to help me with my final dissertation.

Thank You!
One of my lads is a first year doing Professional Golf at the same location. Have answered the survey for you.
Jul 24, 2012
Done - though as I kind of noted I’d golf in Sutherland as part of a family visit to tons of relatives in Inverness to Wick area. As I live other end of country it wouldn’t otherwise come top of list of parts of Scotland to visit to play. I’d play as part of a holiday to visit relatives. Anyway - good luck with finishing the course
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May 11, 2009
Stourbridge , West Midlands
Logan Air took over all Flybe's routes to Inverness
Thanks, I know that but once Flybe collapsed, I decided to initially lengthen the holiday and book a stop enroute and on return. Then the virus became more serious and so, even though Logan Air had taken over, I thought there was no point in booking with a possibility of having it cancelled again.