Ping g410 3 wood

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Nov 17, 2009
Taunton ,Somerset
Just purchased one of these so thought I would do a test.
Unfortunately using range balls so no distances.
It’s a stiff flex 14.5 degree although this can be adjusted either way.
It’s looks lovely and sits nice down behind the ball,it does look slightly open at address which I don’t mind.
Off the tee was a wow such a nice penetrating ball flight and it felt so solid and I was very consistent with it.
I then tried fades which were very easy to do,however I did struggle with draws off the mat although off the tee it was quite easy again.
Off the mat it was a different feel,I never felt I could get a high launch but it seemed to bore through the air.
I’m keeping it but I will keep my TM Burner for back up