Pet photos please


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Aug 20, 2009
Paintings arrived safely, and donation made. Big thank you to Miranda. They are both fantastic.(y)

Now need to get them framed.
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Apr 10, 2018
Whilst I am here I thought that I would respond to the Randon Irritation and make things clear (thank you James for your post).

1) These paintings are done by my daughter to a) pass the time as she has no exams, no school, no job and b) practice her art to help her do well at A-Level
2) I post the results here as many people appear to enjoy seeing them as evidenced by the regular smatter of likes that they get
3) All paintings are offered to the originator of the post as a matter of courtesy and because it turns out many people do like to have the originals
4) Absolutely no payment is requested nor required, I am happy to post the paintings for nothing
5) Where people make the offer, any reward is paid to a charity that was selected due to it's "proximity" to the subject and a recognition that all charities are suffering at this time

Finally, a great big THANK YOU to all the people that have posted pictures and I am delighted to say that to date, the contributions that have been made total over £500. The paintings will continue (there is still quite a large number still to do) but perhaps at a reduced rate as meeting friends at the park and by the river etc. is now possible :)
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Apr 10, 2018
My first rescued Staffie, Frenchie.
Kept originally just for puppies, she used to chase her tail so much she chewed most of it away so it was fully docked by the recue before we had her.
A very gentle lady.
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Here is Bunkermagnet's Frenchie, I think that the light coloured animals are quite tricky in this style: