new clubs for 2021

Apr 1, 2007
Bloody hell, 7 wood to hit 220 yards ! How far do you hit Driver ?
Hahaha, 215/220 . My 4i carry is 190/ 195, my 3i carries the same distance but rolls out more.

3 wood carries 220 rolls out 230/240 and driver carrys 240 rolling to 260.

The 4i and 7 wood are the same loft but im hoping the 7 wood with the longer graphite shaft will go further than the 4i.

I'll add that during the past couple of months I've been going to a "trackman" driving range in Ollerton , near Knutsford , Cheshire. Each bay has a trackman and you can normalise the data so its not specific on the conditions your hitting in. I had an idea on my distances anyway but Its a superb place to practise. Its only recently opened but its been done superbly.


Journeyman Pro
Feb 20, 2013
Took a punt on a pxg 7 wood. Trying to fill the 215/220 yard gap that continues to evade me.
That should work nicely, I use a 7 wood for winter, it might stay though. It was a bespoke build using a Bridgestone J33 head. The flight is high, so I used a shaft that drops that a bit. Also slightly longer shaft as well to get the gapping. And it replaces my 3 iron /hybrid etc.


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Nov 20, 2007
i bought my fairway woods way back in 2013 and in particular the 3wood is pretty worn out so i plan to replace them. as to model i am unbiased but with fairway woods i have always been a callaway man. i once had a ping g15 5wood which i dearly loved but after 1 year the shaft broke a i had to replace it. i am going for a fitting session as soon as the golf courses reopen scheduled for feb 25th; let's see