Need My Wedge

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Sep 3, 2007
went out to play Friday evening, second shot on the third, needed my 52 degree, only it wasn’t in the bag......😳 seems I have lost my wedge..... 😜.

not the end of the world as I was planning on replacing them this year but another two weeks before AG opens.... so dug around in the garage yesterday and pulled out my old ICY wedges, haven’t used them for about 3 years. Buffed up the grips a bit, gave them a clean and good to go. They were a treat to play with, still really good wedges, and I have to say, they felt way better than the Mack Daddy I’d lost.

I know I could run up, or send them up to Iain and they would come back like new, but it’s a bit of hassle these days. The run takes twice as long on the M1, and posting means being without for maybe a week or more. Guess I’ll just use them for the next couple of weeks, and sort out replacements as planned when AG returns to operation.

the big question now, is Vokey or Cleveland? 😀