Masters 2007

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Sep 19, 2006
I'm starting to get ludicrously excited at the prospect of the upcoming Masters. My anticipation has been heightened by reading the Masters guide on this website. (It's on the main index on the front page.) If you haven't already done so, go and check it out. There's some great info on there. I didn't know that until 1983 players couldn't use their own caddies? They had them provided by Augusta!


For those greens I reckon you'd be better off with a local caddie! They would have a better idea of the breaks.
I think we all get excited about the Masters fro a couple of reasons.
1. The mere sight of those lush greens, sunshine and azealea bushes is a formal signal that the golf season is upon us at last.
2. It's about the only golf we can see on tv if you dont have Setanta (dont know about you but I ain't paying £15/month on top of Sky to buy it). Talking of Setanta I wish this website would lose that really annoying Setanata ad that stops you logging into this forum!