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Jul 11, 2009
Played my first 18 in a long time with @2blue today at Wike Ridge in Leeds. Shot +15 which I’ll take as it’s my best round in about four years and had a great laugh with Dave, even being stuck behind the slowest single player I’ve ever witnessed for the last four holes!


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Aug 6, 2007
Bracknell - Berkshire
Tricky out there is strong wind. Thought I hit it better than I scored but did lose the plot over the last few holes along with my swing. Was only 1 over handicap playing ninth. Nailed a three wood second into the teeth of the wind. Clipped the smallest branch and never saw it again. All good until 12 when tee shot was too straight and then two OOB on 16. Short game and putting improved but still room for improvement so hoping less wind over the weekend means better scores. Feels close and still glass half full


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Apr 6, 2020
I think I played foursomes with myself aged about 12 today.
A mixture of pretty good and "how the heck did that happen?".

Today's random partner lucky dip threw up a good lad off 4, so a pretty good day out to be fair.


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Aug 20, 2009
I'm busy getting ready to out a spanner in the YOTF at H4H. Some may argue I'm a spent force anyway and Rich tells me he's a quality ball striker
Dont remember saying I am a quality ball striker, though I can pure a shank.

You should take on Homer in a challenge to get to single figures ;)
At the rate I am coming down, I will need to live to 150 to get back to single figures.


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Oct 29, 2009
Aylesbury Bucks
[QUOTE="richart, post: 2178770, member: 2944"

At the rate I am coming down, I will need to live to 150 to get back to single figures.[/QUOTE]

At least you’ll be able to shoot your age then 😂😂😎
Nov 1, 2016
First round for two months, down at Haste Hill. Just took a half set to keep it simple (D, 20°h, 7, 9, 50°, 56°, Pt). Few spots of rain during the first four or five holes but none after that. Very breezy but nowhere near unplayably bad. Temperature was nice, shorts and t-shirt all the way once the rain vanished.

I shot 84 for 36 points! Like I'd never been away. I always said practising is overrated. :LOL: Thinned the tits off the first tee shot with the 7i, but managed to get up and down for par. Driver was good right from the off, then a couple of slices crept in, but got it back to being good by the end. One blob on the 9th caused by a slice, lost the ball and couldn't recover to score. Back nine of 40 was really good though. Seven pars today, but five of them in the last eight holes. Delighted to be back on the course and to actually play well.

It was strange being sort of thrust into summer golf with no adjustment period, got loads of bounce and roll on a few drives which is always nice. Trying to get the pace of the greens wasn't easy (although they weren't in fabulous condition either).

Our course is doing 16 minute intervals, but somehow we still had someone on our fairway on the 2nd hole as we were teeing off. How is it possible? Thought maybe they'd teed off late but the guy outside said if you're late you don't get on because they need to maintain the gaps. So that was weird. They actually sped up so didn't really hold us up too much, but I just couldn't work out why they were only there with the 16 min gaps.
Jun 20, 2010
Bearwood Lakes, Berks
Tough conditions with 40mph gusts - and I am normally very poor in the wind,. But, a purple-patch 7 days of golf ends on a high. Last Sunday shot second best round ever - 5 over (off 16!), played on my own on Thursday - not properly scoring but certainly better than handicap.

And today - took on my brother at matchplay. He is off 5 and was giving it the big one about playing well and was going to do me! Well, I missed a putt on 12, which would have handed me a dog licence!! But won 6 and 5

The next highlight was the best drive i have hit in years on 17 (320 yards) - drove the green - 2nd time in 15 years - but 3 putted, a common theme today!!! :devilish::devilish::poop:

Lovely 8 iron into 18 - kept in 5 foot below the hole - but would have missed the birdie if the cup was the size of a football!!!

3 putted 3, 4, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17

and shot 10 over :)

On ominous fall from grace certainly awaites after an unbelivable start!
Apr 15, 2008
Another epic battle with my mate with the lead chopping and changing all the way round. Was dormey one giving away a shot but birdied it after hitting wedge down breeze 152 to see him off 2 up . That's 3 on the bounce now :D