I have 1 ugly iron and it's going to make me do something stupid -mizuno tp9


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Dec 17, 2013
Hi all

End of last year I picked up a set of mizuno TP9s for less than £30. I had them refurbished with cerakote and I'm committing 2020 to playing every round with them..... Even to the point that I've just sold all my standard club's to gold bidder.

On the whole I absolutely love the mizunos and can see great improvement in my game already. But there is one issue.....

The pitching wedge is just so damn ugly, the offset is offensive to my eye and I can't stop hitting it left..... Every other club is amazing.

So what do I do.... Find another 50 degree wedge to replace it, get another set, or just grind on with it until I get used to it.

I know it seems trivial, but I have no confidence with that club.

Where/whom did you get the cerakote coating done?


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Jun 9, 2009
You are clearly lucky to be playing at a golf course with consistent bunkers. At mine, and I suspect many others, every bunker is different. Some have fine sand, some coarse, some have the worlds supply, others none. I just buy a SW I like the look of. It will be suitable for some of the bunkers.
all the links courses around here have soft sand in bunkers and lots of it, so have 13 deg of bounce, when i was member at the old torvean some time ago that would have been pointless as none of the bunkers had much if any sand in, so had didn't bother with a SW