Hybrid as a chipper


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Dec 12, 2013
A PP of mine tried it a couple of months ago, on his first attempt it was going like a rocket, hit the pin and dropped. His next 10 attempts ended up through the green. Gave it up as a bad job.
Did make me chuckle coz i am sure it was the same round when he knobbed one off the tee with his driver and a PP said it goes further when you chip with your hybrid.
I have dinked some out of semi rough under trees and knocked it forward 80 yds with me hybrid, but i saw a pro giving tips on how to use the hybrid around the greens. It looked impressive until the programme finished. It then showed his “ it will be alright on the night bloopers”. He must of hit it half a dozen times and his language got worse. He got no where near the pin. Unlike his “ first time” chip in the programme.
Not for me thanks.


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Jul 25, 2010
I also think there are easier clubs to achieve this with....I don't like the feel of it and find it too difficult to control length. Lower irons are much easier. That being said i also play with someone who uses it regularly with success - hence - if t works great


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Aug 20, 2009
I find it pretty easy to judge on the basis it goes twice as far as a similar swing with the putter. Can use it from 50 yards out if needs be, so great on heathland and links fairways. Not so good on parkland courses though, which is probably why I avoid them.:) The extra bit of loft on the club makes it roll better on a fairway compared to a putter from distance. Also club is more forgiving than my putter from distance.:eek:

duncan mackie

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Feb 19, 2012
The ball comes off a hybrid face, or wood, with different qualities than an iron - even a similarily lofted iron.
Most who use it successfully emulate a putt, unrelated to a chip or pitch.
It's greatest strength lies where there's much variation in the ground conditions between the ball and hole - it gets the ball rolling and bouncing and rolling.
Whilst it's easier to make contact in poor conditions it's at its best in with dry ground.
It's not a more accurate solution in normal conditions - unless you are looking for a crutch for bad chipping capabilities....