How did golf improve your life?


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Nov 14, 2010
I honestly don't think the sport has done anything to change or enhance my life. I enjoy playing but don't worry or feel like something is missing when I don't play. Haven't even swung a club since October partly due to the weather and partly due to not being concerned about playing.
But, look at all the fun and intelligent debate that you've had on a golf forum. ;)


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Oct 7, 2015
It enables me and the wife, to play a sport together as equals and spend time together rather than apart.

No other sport we have tried, comes close to those two matters.


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Aug 7, 2015
Newton Mearns
I wouldn't say it's improved my life but I do believe it's enhanced it.
  • I started when my dad and brothers first played on municipal courses so we were all able to get out for a few hours for a game.
  • I didn't play for a few years then started playing with my mates for getting on for 10 years, took holidays together to play golf.
  • When I got married and had kids I didn't play most of that time till I got divorced and my brother asked me to join his course so I got back into it and enjoyed it there.
  • When I moved to Scotland and didn't really know anyone, I joined East Ren and met loads of great people, made new friends and even got to be Captain.
  • If we go on holiday, it gives me a chance to go and do something when my missus is shopping. Also, I can't tan so if she's on the beach, I can get out onto the course (covered in Factor 50+ :LOL:)
In all, I love the game, it gives me great enjoyment, made me new friends and allowed me to do things I never thought I would do.


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May 8, 2007
I think that golf has been a positive and negative for me. On the plus side, it filled a gap when I had to quit playing rugby and that helped my mental and physical wellbeing. That said, it has also had a detrimental effect. In the early days when I took up the game it became somewhat all encompassing, I had to play at weekends. On that basis, I neglected other areas of my life and my relationships, not seeing that being out of 5 or 6 hours once or twice a weekend and trying to base other commitments around golf was a bad thing overall. I have calmed down a lot now and, I will be honest, golf is a bit 'meh'. Enjoy a round when I am out but I am far more able to enjoy other things if I am not playing. In fact since my wife took up powerlifting, the gym has become the first sports related thing that we have been able to do together. Golf has become a smaller and smaller part of my life and I can see myself moving on to something else for a bit in a few years.


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Nov 21, 2011
Bishop's Stortford
Started my own business 19 years ago after working at home for 2-3 years. Joined a local 9 hole club for a role up in the afternoon to avoid going loco in the house/office. Retired from football a year later & golf took its place while I still played cricket.
Joined a Private Members Club a few years later. Made a whole new bunch of friends & ramped the competition side up. Spent the following 16 years playing internal & external comps mixed with Society & Swindle Golf.

Met so many great (& a few awful) souls along the way & seen the most remarkable sights, holes, bars, and generally had a blast! Here’s to the nest leg of this journey...