European Tour 2020 Season : General Discussion Thread

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Nov 20, 2011
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I know we're still at the tail end of 2019 but the new season is underway and we're one event into it after yesterday with some good TV drama on the final couple of holes. Pleased to see Larrazabal get the win with a late birdie run after his blister problem

Not sure if the final day course set up was conducive to good entertainment (the excitement was more down to an injury rather than the course) Basically we were watching to see who coped with it the best (least worst) Very little chance of folks going on a Sunday run with those pins and that more than anything kept Larrazabal somehow still in the hunt after a dreadful score on front 9 that most other weeks would've seen him drop well outside contention

I know I wouldn't have had the bottle to do what Lombard did on 18 and I'd lay up every day (but I guess that's not how you make it on tour)

As per the other thread the option of shorts was sensible in those temps, I wonder if they've set a numerical temp as a measure to determine when this option will next kick in or if they'll just suck it and see

Albeit its one of the smaller events of the season but this week the ET's coming to my neck of the woods so I'll pop down to watch at least one day this weekend especially since its at my favourite course