Best wet weather gloves

Aug 7, 2015
Newton Mearns
I've tried various versions of Rain Grip gloves, MacWet, Footjoy, Dunlop, Golden Bear. All work well for me and I wouldn't be without them now in the rain. The actual performance in terms of grip in the wet didn't really change at all, and I've played in some pretty wet conditions. All did the job.
Your hands do get wet, and therefore cold, but I see that as a fair enough trade-off for the grip I get.


Money List Winner
Dec 12, 2013
I have had a Couple of pairs of FJ and love them. They feel a. It looser and thicker than the MW which I invested in last year. I do find the MW keep my hands cold.
re the Sealskins, I bought a pair for when at football. Yes they keep my hands dry and warm but the times the cotton liner has come away from the outer skin when taking out my hands, especially if my hand was wet whilst putting gloves on.
Footjoys are me fave at the moment.