Anyone managed to fix early extension?

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Jul 1, 2020
Been working on early extension on and off for a while, just can't seem to get rid of it. Does anyone know from looking at my swing here why this happens?

I've gone from shooting 110+ to 85-90 over the last 2 months, but I'm sure I can do better by fixing this issue.

2 slow-mo swings from the range today, using my bag for the "Chair" drill 'I've seen spoken of on youtube. Backing my hips up into my bag etc. However, I still clearly lose my spine angle and I can't work out why. 1st swing is a bad hit, 2nd swing was much better IMO.

Have any of you managed to cure EE? If so, how? Any advice?

Thanks so much!!



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Aug 13, 2010
Denis pugh told our group that early extension is almost always caused by something else. Trying to stop it is like someone pushing you off a roof and telling you not to hit the ground (it has to happen) When you try and stop the early extension doss your swing go to crap? If so that's because it's serving a purpose. It has to happen to enable you to make a golf shot.


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Apr 6, 2020
Been working on early extension on and off for a while, just can't seem to get rid of it. Does anyone know from looking at my swing here why this happens?
Yes, welcome to the special club.😉 It happens because you do it, simple as that.

"My name is Traminator, I'm an early extender" 😅

Basically, I've found 2 options:

1. Look at YouTube / Internet videos/listen to advice from guys who don't suffer from it (doesn't work), or

2. Practice eliminating it (can work if you stick at it).

You have to practice and practice making the downswing staying in your posture. Stick a club across your shoulders and turn back and forth to a follow through.
Swing a club, exaggerate the movement and feel like your torso is almost horizontal on the downswing.

Use a mirror, swing towards it looking at your posture.

I sometimes practice swinging with extra bent legs.

ANYTHING that practices staying in your posture through the downswing and just after impact is good.

AND, here's the key, when you're practicing hitting balls, don't worry about anything except just keeping in your posture as best you can. You'll maybe feel like you're so low that you'll smash the club into the ground, you won't.

AND... here's the bigger key, you have to be brave enough to take it on the course, for me it feels like I'm going to hit the ground 3 feet behind the ball, but that's what practice is for.

It's a physical body movement, lots of repetitive practice is ultimately the only way to change what you're currently doing.

Finally, any stretching exercises that loosens you up around the lower back, backside and legs will also help. I hate squats but a few stretching squats before and during a round seem to help keeping the middle area looser.


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Feb 25, 2017
Understanding the cause is a good place to start imo seen malaska and AMG talk about this over the last few weeks and they nail it

These two visual explanations helped a lot to gain an understanding for me AMG wrench hip turn was a light bulb moment for what I thought I had to do


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Jun 12, 2012
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I saw a cracking article by Scott Cranson.
Take your address position then put a couple of tour sticks in either side of your belt loops. The sticks should be placed in the loop holes by your hips so they are pointing level towards the horizon or slightly down.
Now swing back to the top, but start your downswing by tilting the hips pelvis down. This will cause the tour sticks to become more vertical so that they are facing the ground.
This will stop early extension


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Sep 12, 2011
You do it because your brain is making you bail out of a faulty swing that will create a very bad impact of the ball, the early extension allows you to actually strike the ball. It's not because you want to stand up.
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