Any clubs closed ?

Sep 3, 2007
This course in the highlands is very concerned, I’ve not heard of it, maybe some of our Scottish members would like to expand on, why would it struggle any more than any other club.
Seems Brora has been saved by global good Will....

I'm glad about this as it is on my list to play when visiting the boy at Dornoch. It looked fabulous when we went to take a look.

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Jun 28, 2017
West Sussex
A number of clubs in West Sussex are threatened. Rookwood, Cottesmore, Ifield and Haywards Heath are all apparently being actively stalked by developers, with planning applications already submitted in respect of the last two. Also, Rusper will apparently be closing in September, although I understand it has been bought for farming. Any more up to date information from anyone who knows would be welcomed.


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May 11, 2009
Stourbridge , West Midlands
Brandhall Golf Course in Oldbury is scheduled to close but as it's a council run club, I can't see the same kind of support as Brora.
A pity as looking at the overhead, there aren't many green spaces left in that area.
Brandhall was where I played my first round of golf. I was asked to make up a four ball from a cricket team and they gave me some clubs and bag. There is one hole close to a road that I managed to bounce a drive in the middle of- between a bus and an approaching car.
They used the contours of the land well and there a some good holes. Unfortunately, we can't even go for a final round.
The municipal courses around Birmingham (and many other places too) are all under pressure as the councils have no spare cash to improve or maintain courses to attract more players. The boom of the 80s produced courses with new facilities and the municipals were always likely to be superceeded.

The area is just a short distance from Junction 2 of the M5 and the new houses are only going to cause more traffic and congestion in an already busy area.( I worked close to J2 and working shifts meant I missed all the traffic.) They do intend creating a park but nowhere near the area of Brandhall.

There has been a campaign to save the course but not enough support has come forward.


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Oct 29, 2013