Americans are still playing !


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Apr 1, 2016
Tell that to the 938 families who lost a loved one yesterday
No matter what we tell the 938 families will bring them any comfort or closure. It's a horrible situation.

The virus is unstoppable at the moment. No amount of lock down will fully contain it. It won't just die out. It will lerk and resurface at a later date.

All we are doing is buying the NHS help to try and cope with the numbers. Whilst hoping that science finds some answers.

What is it 80% of the population is likely to get or have it. Just hope that the social distancing keeps the death toll to the lowest number it can.

However leaving yourself paranoid of everything will make you a nervous wreck. Which is more likely to lead to an accident if you do have to venture out essientally.

Keep as postive a mind as you can. As new world and agey as it sounds.

Rather than focus on the death toll focus on the amount of people recovered toll. But at same time we won't forget them.


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Dec 17, 2013
its not up to you either. however, our government have not banned driving to the shop so it looks like they'll be accepting the risk associated with driving too. i said in a earlier post that I think I have very little risk playing golf but it's the knock on effects it has. I can't even go fishing on a private lake with 5 pegs that are 100 meters apart. but I understand why I can't
Problem lies with people. They won't be sensible and will spoil it for everyone. Summon your willpower and be patient, the course will be waiting.
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Jan 28, 2011
Morons? Mom's? You boys are clearly missing your Sunday morning round were you 'd usually let off some energy.a

This was just a thread that other parts of the world can still within reason play golf.

Let's try and play nice, maybe.....