A-Z vinyl collection


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May 11, 2009
Stourbridge , West Midlands
With out doubt Pink Floyd for me. It is the only band that I had an almost complete collection of all vinyl releases (as well as as many CD releases).

In one way the head says Dark Side of the Moon but the heart has to go with Wish You Were Here

Memories of Knebworth the summer before it's release and it was bought on the day of its release in September when on honeymoon.

The actual track Wish You Were Here is very poignant to me and always bring tears to my eyes when listening to it since my wife's death.
I first heard the Wish You Were Here album at the concert at Bingley Hall in Stafford. That place is long gone.
Jul 31, 2015
Not many R's either so I reckon its going to be a medley of Martha Reeves, Lou Rawls and every mid 1980's teenage boy fantasy girl - Jennifer Rush


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May 20, 2017
My choice of band is Roxy Music mainly because they are the only vinyls in the cupboard in R.

Choice was between Manifesto and Avalon two quite different music styles but would have to chose Manifesto.

By the time I was listening to Chris Rea I was buying CDs
Jul 24, 2012
It's been hard choice as I've had to ignore a Mick Ronson; a couple of Roxy Music; three Chris Rea; R.E.M - and others, and then choose a fave Gerry Rafferty.

But after some listening...maybe a bit controversially for me...

3rd is Lou Reed with Transformer (1972). A few all time greats on that album and what a pose...
2nd is Gerry Rafferty with Night Owl (1979). How could I pass on City to City? Well actually I prefer Night Owl and it was of a time me working as a student in the Malletsheugh Inn...
1st is Chris Rainbow with Looking Over my Shoulder (1977). Who? What? Amongst all those great artists and bands?

Now many won't have heard of Chris Rainbow. One of these guys who didn't get the recognition his music deserved. A Glaswegian who did a load of Alan Parsons Projects vocals - he was a favourite of Kenny Everett so you might have heard some of his stuff if you listened then. But for sheer quality and an album jam-packed with great songs with great lyrics. Hard to beat. As a taster try Dear Brian - his tribute to Brian Wilson...

He lived in Skye for many years and I was fortunate to have a few quite long chats with him when I worked up there as a student. He passed away in 2015. Sadly missed. Love your stuff Chris.