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  1. Twire

    Car falling apart

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I drive a Macan, and believe me the A1 wouldn't stand a chance.
  2. Twire

    EU elections

    I think he's saying the length of the coloured bars is not accurate.
  3. Twire

    Boat Of Garten Golf Club

    Played it in October 2017 and was bitterly disappointed. The condition was awful, it had more sand on the tees and greens than in the bunkers. I wouldn't rush back and I'd never stay in the boat again if you paid me.
  4. Twire


    The rules need to translated into many different languages and a lot of the terminology changes we now see makes translation easier.
  5. Twire

    Under Armour - update on my order

    Well let's hope you don't have to wait 3 months 😏
  6. Twire

    Under armour site glitch?

    Wow, take a good look at yourselves lads. Closing thread, and if I see any more insults like these i'll be issuing infractions.
  7. Twire

    Rule breach or not?

    Is it loss of hole? Looking at exception 2 I'm not sure now! Partners may play in the order the side considers best. This means that when it is a player’s turn to play under Rule 6.4a (match play) or 6.4b (stroke play), either the player or his or her partner may play next. Exception –...
  8. Twire

    H4H Tandridge JustGiving site

    Donation paid (y)
  9. Twire

    Sunningdale Old and New 23rd and 24th July 2019

    Just paid the balance for this and Hankley. Cheers Glyn.
  10. Twire

    Taylormade r7 Quad

    No worries, just let me know.
  11. Twire

    Taylormade r7 Quad

    Not quite what you're after but... I have the Superquad, 10.5* with the Fujikura 65 gram stiff shaft, mid tip, also had 1/2 cut off (experiment). I'd say it plays more like a firm than stiff. You can have it for the postage and if you get on with it, a small donation to Richart's H4H charity...
  12. Twire

    Easter Weekend where are you playing?

    3 games lined up, all on my home course East Devon. You're playing 3 cracking courses and the forcast looks great too.... enjoy.
  13. Twire

    Burnham and Berrow

    You've got my number Tony 👍
  14. Twire

    Burnham and Berrow

    Just give me a shout when you're down Sam.
  15. Twire

    Burnham and Berrow

    If you fancy a knock while you're in Exeter give me a shout. I'm directly south playing at East Devon.
  16. Twire

    Ricky Fowler -Wrong Drop

    Agreed, and the problem with what some are suggesting with a drop between shoulder and knee height, is that dropping from shoulder height without the 2 club length roll, it would be easier to play the system. Drop roll, drop roll, then place. At least dropping from knee height it has a much...
  17. Twire

    Does it feel like a hollow victory when course is playing short..?

    For sure you still need to get the ball in the hole. But on my course, playing short would take a lot of danger away from your tee shot. Certain bunkers wouldn't be in play and other hazards. Couple that with shorter irons into soft greens.... With all that said, I'd still be chuffed.
  18. Twire

    Skymark = distraught

    Don't let it put you off Murph, I bought one last week and its transformed my driving. I'm hitting drives longer and straighter than ever before....Saying that, my old driver was a R11s Agree with the teeing it low comment. Teeing low just encourages you to hit down on the ball which equals...
  19. Twire

    I bought today.....

    Just treated myself to the King Cobra f9. It's a bit of beast and a step up from my R11s
  20. Twire

    The Addington Golf Club Monday 22nd July (Day before Sunningdale)

    £80 on it's way to you for me and Mrs T