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  1. Robster59

    Hello Im New

    Welcome on-board. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
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    Another newbie

    Welcome 👍
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    Hi all

    Welcome and enjoy the craic
  4. Robster59

    Golf shoe with wide toe section

    Adidas were always too narrow for me till I tried the Powerband Boa Boost which have a very wide toe section. Very comfortable shoes.
  5. Robster59

    Your football clubs best ever leader.

    Not football, but Rugby League and my home club Widnes. I've thought about this but I can't choose between Kurt Sorensen and David Hulme. Both players ran their blood to water in the game, led by example and never left anything out on the pitch.
  6. Robster59

    Golf clubs low on membership

    Now sadly confirmed Eastwood Golf Club closes I've not commented before but this has been coming for a while. It was known they've been struggling for years and an EGM was called a couple of months ago as the club was on the brink then. They closed on Thursday with the members playing their...
  7. Robster59

    Classic TV adverts - I miss....

    Irn Bru have made some great advets in their time Irn Bru Youtube site
  8. Robster59

    eBay grips

    I never pay full price for my grips but buy last years models from reputable sellers. I picked up 13 x Champ C8 golf grips for £35.10 (£2.70 each). A great price for quality grips.
  9. Robster59

    Golf watches

    I think it would be of benefit, one less thing for you to worry about. ;) I have a Bushnell watch which I've had for a few years now. Enough battery life for two rounds easily, front middle and back of green plus up to three hazards plus other features. So light you don't even notice you're...
  10. Robster59

    Classic TV adverts - I miss....

    I always liked this one
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    How far do you live from your home course

    3 miles, about 10 minutes
  12. Robster59

    New Head Greenkeeper

    That's guest with a member. Visitors not with a member pay more. In fact by agreeing to the £50 levy each member can take on up to 5 guests for free. The club has a whole raft of members benefits including discounts and reciprocal deals with other clubs. When you see what's happening at other...
  13. Robster59

    Movie quotes, "golfed up"

    Some Like it Hot - "You don't understand Osgood, I'm a Golfer", "Well, nobody's perfect". Sunset Boulevard - “All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my gimme.” In the Heat of the Night - "They call me Mr Woods!" The Silence of the Lambs - “A handicap secretary once tried to test me. I ate his...
  14. Robster59

    New Head Greenkeeper

    Just an update on this. Our new head greenkeeper has been an excellent appointment. Amongst the changes he's done are Completely refurbished all the bunkers on our third Done the same to a troublesome bunker on the tenth Defined and shaped the rough to give the holes definition and character...
  15. Robster59

    Editable UK Postcode map

    I'm trying to find a UK Postcode map that I can edit (colour in) the different postcode areas. I am looking for ones that I can edit to the first two and the first four postcode digits. I've looked around but I can't find anything that I can edit in an office document (Powerpoint or Word)...
  16. Robster59

    royal baby

    Oh dear Danny. That was an act of pure naivety (if I'm being kind).
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    Like Guinness is good for you Mackeson - It looks good, it tastes good and by golly it does you good L'Oreal claimed its skincare products were "clinically proven" to "boost genes." Plus loads more. People are now more open to challenging these claims. It's like you see adverts for skin...
  18. Robster59

    Walking is an integral part of the (pro) game

    I agree, and it wouldn't even speed the game up. Walking between shots gives people time to think about their next one. Also, all they are doing is walking and playing 70-80 shots. It's not physically demanding. On the amateur front, I much prefer to walk as I can enjoy the course and the...
  19. Robster59

    Whatsapp, ?

    Looking at the WhatsApp FAQ it should be OK as it works on Android 4 and above, but you're on the edge ;)
  20. Robster59

    Whatsapp, ?

    What version of Android is it running?