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  1. Orikoru

    Putter Fitting

    I have exactly the same thought as well, but sometimes I'm wrong. :LOL:
  2. Orikoru

    Bigger Hole Maybe Delc Was Right.................................

    How much bigger are we talking? If it takes you 7 shots to reach the green in the first place, it hardly matters how big the hole is. I think you'd be more likely to attract people with more short courses, more nine holers and par 3 courses, and more fun-for-all stuff like Top Golf and indoor...
  3. Orikoru

    And, we’re off.......2018/2019

    He didn't get near the top teams then either to be fair, Spurs were very much mid-table or lower during his years with us.
  4. Orikoru

    And, we’re off.......2018/2019

    The top teams expect more these days, they need the whole package. Players who are that good going forward but contribute nothing in defence don't tend to make it in the top sides, like Zaha for example.
  5. Orikoru

    Putter Fitting

    I think it's definitely worth getting the right putter for your stroke. Most of my bag is second hand gear, but for my putter I did a proper fitting session and bought new to get it right. The way I see it, you probably hit 30-40% of your shots with the putter, plus when you get the right one...
  6. Orikoru

    And, we’re off.......2018/2019

    Absolutely gifted player but it's becoming clear he has an attitude problem. I think it may be down to arrogance. This is why he was left out of their World Cup squad last summer, and I expect why Pep prefers the likes of B.Silva, Sterling etc. I think he expects to walk into the team, which is...
  7. Orikoru

    The Golf Club 2

    Are you guys all Xbox though? I'm PS4. Ideally we need one for each system. :sneaky:
  8. Orikoru


    Saw John Wick 3 last night. For the first two thirds I thought it was amazing, some of the best action scenes I've ever seen. I thought it got a bit ridiculous towards the end (way too much breaking glass tbh), and the ending wasn't particularly satisfying as they very clearly set it up for a...
  9. Orikoru

    The Golf Club 2

    This really hasn't been possible for me so far, the fastest I can move it seems to result in a 'perfect'. That might be because I had Beginner clubs on and it was Easy difficulty. It is quite different to the Tiger Woods, in those games you had the feeling of being a pro whereas this game you...
  10. Orikoru

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the Tom Hanks being named after me all of a sudden, it's not like I invented them! Although I have perfected them... :ROFLMAO:
  11. Orikoru

    The Golf Club 2

    Downloaded TGC19 last night, it was only £16. Only had time for one round of golf in the 'PGA Tour' mode. I had it on 'Easy' setting and finished around +3 I think, but that was good enough for tied first place anyway. I got birdies at the 1st and 2nd, but then made quite a few bogeys...
  12. Orikoru

    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    New Biffy soundtrack/album Balance, Not Symmetry. It's absolutely incredible! Lightyears better than their last proper album. This is my favourite so far, amazing track:
  13. Orikoru

    The Golf Club 2

    That's decent. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I had the Golf Club 2 but the putting was awful. I frequently 5 and 6 putted, which is even worse than I putt in real life. :LOL: Glad to hear it's not that bad in the new one.
  14. Orikoru

    The Golf Club 2

    I think it's only £16 on PS Store now so I'm going to download it next time I get the chance.
  15. Orikoru

    The Golf Club 2

    Is the putting better than TGC2?? I've been mulling over downloading this lately, although I haven't checked how much it is on PS4.
  16. Orikoru

    Prem Prediction League 18/19

    But you were beaten, by 7 people. :p
  17. Orikoru

    Football - End of season report for your team

    Your post could have just as easily been about Man Utd. :D
  18. Orikoru

    Generating Power

    Lag in the swing, strike down on the ball and middle of the clubface I guess.
  19. Orikoru

    Jamie’s Italian going bust

    What I'm saying is, this was one visit to one branch of the restaurant. All the ones I've been to have been good. Maybe take your voucher to a different branch if there is another one anywhere near you. Actually I recall my first ever visit to M&C the service was not great, but with staff...