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    Does anyone know why they have removed the statement 'For a healthy heart' from the box.The claim referred to the fact it included thiamine. It still does but the claim has gone.
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    eclipse of the moon

    are you watching - did you see it
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    Putting with the flagstick in

    This adds to and confirms previous tests and recommendations.
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    Is this still relevant?

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    Caddie playing in comp

    Was there a recent thread here re the above?
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    Faster Payments System

    Apparently big problems last weekend but supposedly sorted. Is anyone still having an issue with it?
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    Word Association - take 3

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    World Handicapping System - IGNORE

    IGNORE Already in Lounge
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    TPMS - Telephone Preference Management Service

    Not to be confused with TPS - Telephone Preference Service - Beware of cold calls from this company (using many different numbers usually starting 020...). It is a scam. They will ask you to confirm your debit card bank details and 'renew' your registration which is...
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    TV Call-ins
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    9 hole comps

    For CONGU members. Just curious. How many knew that prior to 2016, the handicap of cat 1 players was not adjusted after playing in a 9 hole comp, whatever their score?
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    Draft Rules Proposals
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    Rules Experience

    Has anyone tried this yet?
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    Handicapping etc

    Would it be possible to set up a new section for this as all the threads get lost amongst the chaff in the Lounge.
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    Radio 2 material ?
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    No of Qualifiers

    Did some one on this board ask about the average no of qualifiers played?
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    See Space Bar Problem in Website Feedback
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    Space bar problem

    Since yesterday, when I post a reply to a post the space bar doesn't produce a space. However, when posting a new message, like this, it works perfectly. Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions? There only seems to be a problem if I am quoting the original message and entering text...
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    Brilliant Browlees

    Out of this world
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    The rules can favour you