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    How to get over a bad round off golf

    Howl do I recover from a bad round where I shot my highest score ever and my lowest stableford score
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    golf balls do they make a difference to distance

    I have been using srixon trispeed tour golf balls for over a year nw but would other golf balls increase my distance and spin rate
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    Golf charity day

    What is the best way to organise a golf charity day and best format
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    Question on gps watchs looking at the garmin s20 and the tom tom golfer 2 se which watch is best.

    Want advice on which 1 of these people would recommend as I am stumped between the 2
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    Gps watchs or lasers what are best

    What is better for a high handicap golfer GPS watch or a laser
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    New clubs good idea or bad

    I am looking at getting new clubs In The near future but I don't know if this is a good or bad idea I am using Cleveland cg17 regular flex shafts but am looking at ping g 400 xp95 s300 stiff shafts any help or advice be helpful