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  1. DCB

    And, we’re off.......2018/2019

    Gents, this is a very emotive subject can we please agree to disagree over this one and move on. Football banter is one thing, but, this is not football banter.
  2. DCB

    Dalmahoy and Scottish Open

    It's a typical resort course now. Greens always seem to be an issue. Changes made in 2005 spoiled the course IMO. Fortunately they have revamped the 16th which was just there to add length. A busy corporate venue.
  3. DCB

    Walking is an integral part of the (pro) game

    If a buggy helps you play the full 18 holes then why not. To those who say a buggy in a club comp will give you an edge over the last few holes, the underlying physical condition that requires a buggy to start with will probably mean you are still well knackerd as you get to the end of the...
  4. DCB

    Foursomes - yes or no?

    Used to really enjoy this format. I played with the same partner for over 25years, we knew each others game inside out and really played well as a pairing. It is a very sociable game and can be played relatively quickly if you set your mind to it. One of the things I miss these days..
  5. DCB

    Pace of play obsessions

    I grew up playing a 6300 yard par 71 parkland course. Way back in those days a Saturday morning or Sunday morning were the busiest times of the week. We used to play round in just over 3 hours. We carried our bags, we played at the pace the course dictated and we had a great time. Roll on 45...
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    Reason for getting into golf

    Okay Gents, lets get the thread back on track please. The naughty step awaits for anyone disregarding a warning ..... be warned ... all of you :)
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    Random irritations of the day......

    C'mon, behave yourselves. Bob has apologised, so, time to move on. Thread tidied up.
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    Yes, intent was to strike the ball, just he got the big ball first :)
  9. DCB

    Reason for getting into golf

    Lets not have a good thread head off into oblivion. Keep it on track please. Thanks
  10. DCB

    Should there be a break after a Major ?

    The way the PGA TOUR is going, there soon won't be a break at all. They have managed to orchestrate the move of the 4th Major of the year so that ther is a better run in for the FedEx Cup events. Once the Fed Ex final is played there seems to be no time at all before the start of a new season. A...
  11. DCB

    Handicap Certificate - other clubs requesting to see it?

    Only ever been asked twice, once at Carnoustie when playing the Championship course, and the other was way back in the 1980s when three of us tried to get a round at a soggy field on the outskirts of Milton Keynes ... We were lost for words at that one ☺
  12. DCB

    Masters 2019

    87 invited competitors ...... how can that be a Major ? Still be glued to the coverage to see who comes out on top, but, 87 ......... come on let's have a full field for a change.
  13. DCB

    How to get the most out of golf whatever your age - your thoughts and tips please!

    Having played since I was a youngster I can see the various stages of my game in the OP. My best golf was undoubtedly played in my early 40s, probably for a variety of the reasons given in the GM Towers thoughts. Having reached my 50s I was playing regularly and although heading upward I still...
  14. DCB

    First tee matchplay saying - Wont be giving gimmees

    It's matchplay, it's part of the game. You don't have to give putts, but, you'll soon see that it is an integral part of the matchplay game. I certainly wouldn't make that statement on the tee .... ;)
  15. DCB

    Loch Lomond bound

    Cardross was a popular outing venue for us a few years back. Always enjoyed playing there. Not too far to travel for you.
  16. DCB

    Ad Hoc Qualifiers

    Interesting. Just thinking about the statement in the CONGU manual about club members having qualifying comps available ... this situation only has the qualifying comp available for that small specific group .... Without trawling thru the manual, I'd say that they were incorrect in doing this...
  17. DCB

    Sky Sports Subscription for Golf Club

    Several Pubs in town here have been taken to court in the last 18 months for showing live football on Sky without the necessary commercial contract in place. Hefty fines for the Pubs involved. Not worth the risk.
  18. DCB

    Mizuno 919 tour & MP-18

    Agreed, last two fits were carried out at Mizuno fitting days, Roland was the guy who did the fitting. No hard sell, just an honest appraisal of what I needed.
  19. DCB

    Revetted bunker (take2)

    So, playing safe and left of the bunker will leave you in the deep hollow in front of the green.... nothing is ever easy in this game ;)
  20. DCB

    Revetted bunker (take2)

    Is this new bunker close to the green or is it there to catch the long drive up the RHS ?