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    Golf hand tan

    Its now been sunny the last two times I've played and I've already started to notice the tan line where my glove sits on my left hand. What are you thoughts on this? How do you stop it? or is this apart of the golfing life?
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    How far do you live from your home course

    3.6 miles, 10 minute drive.. according to google maps. I'm lucky to have about 4 golf clubs I can drive to in 10 minutes. Probably about 6/7 in a 20 minute drive
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    Design your own course.

    I have seen a comment of 6 par 5's. I'm curious on how many your course has. Mine has 3... and that's enough for me
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    Worst course

    I would second this. Run away winner with worst course I've played on. All problems mentioned above, and the dog walkers who don't keep dog on lead. I notice you're at Seaham. How is that? Surprised I've never played it with it being so close.
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    Thunder and Lightning

    I've never been out in thunder and lightning but I did not realise how much precaution people took to this. Makes me think twice about it, if it ever happens.
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    New and need some advice

    As above mentions, some charge joining fees, some don't. You state in original post that you have 4 clubs within a 10 minute drive. I don't think 10 minute drive is too bad. Go and have a little look around the other three. You might enjoy the other courses more. Good luck.
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    Which GPS watch ?

    Thanks for that. I don't need no fancy water pictures. I just need the distance to the F/M/B of the green. Thanks for the thoughts. My prayers for second are slowly fading.
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    New Clubs

    Nothing beats a new set of clubs. I waited about 5 working days for my irons to be delivered. Played a round of golf in between and I couldn't concentrate. Enjoy the fitting, its great fun.
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    Which GPS watch ?

    Has anybody tried the Garmin S10 watch?
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    Driver Fade

    Spent a while thinking of my swing today. I feel I swing more like my irons with my driver like up and down rather than like round my right shoulder, does that make sense? would this make a difference? I feel like it would haha
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    Driver Fade

    I believe its a 50 gram light shaft, can't be more specific without seeing it. I tried a few at AG when i first started out and this was the best. I am not a fast swinger (around 80 if I remember rightly). This is why i went for light shaft and more loft to help me get the ball in the air. I...
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    Driver Fade

    No, not that i have noticed.
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    Getting told you're slow

    We're they not just bitter about losing? Regarding time, to me depends on difficulty of shot. I would usually take one practice shot and then go but I had to hit left handed yesterday so I spent longer on that. However, my PP takes quite a few practice shots before every shot. Personal...
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    Reason for getting into golf

    I can never be good at any physical sports due to health. I Joined my first club with my mate last October at 21. Old work colleague took me twice and I noticed improvements so I decided to continue.
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    Driver Fade

    Always starts straight. I tend to hit my drives quite high in the air too.
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    Driver Fade

    I have recently suffered from a bad case of the driver fades. It happened on one time playing about three weeks ago and its been the same ever since, maybe 1/5 are going straight. The fades range from slightly to all the way. The new pro at the course isn't available until the end of May for the...
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    Leftie playing right hand. Tried putting left handed and was sinking everything. I couldn't get used to the big driver swings. I'm too invested into right hand now
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    Best ball for somebody with slow swing speed please

    I third the Wilson DX2. we have scarily similar statistics and I've found those to be the best. However, I've never tried Bridgestone but I would struggle to leave my little orange DX2's. EDIT * DX2's are considerably cheaper than Callaway/Titleist which is always a bonus (hurts that little bit...
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    Have you ever lobbed a club

    I do not have a cool head when it comes to golf. The bad language usually comes out around the 2nd or 3rd. I'll then find something else to blame around the 8th or 9th. Finally I'll get back to my trolley and give the wheel a good lash with the club (no damage, not much noise, but it makes me...
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    Drivers - "Cheap" vs Used vs Custom Fit

    A lot of people saying that custom fit is only worth it for single figure players and I totally disagree. The extra distance and accuracy in my shots when i got a set of custom fit irons was massive. I added something like 17 yards onto my 7 iron. Obviously I had to pay more but I spent over an...