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    Golf Glove Recommendation

    Thank you so much for all of your kind words. Now, I took the Callaway X Spann Glove. But in future, I decided to take Srixon gloves.
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    Golf Glove Recommendation

    I’ve been having an issue lately with blowing gloves out after a round or two. Anyone else experiences this? What's your expectation of life for a glove? Now Callaway Patrol Glove is looking good for me. Before Recommend me I would like to plz check this out, if the gloves are really good then...
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    Rangefinder Suggestion

    Need a rangefinder for bow hunting mostly. I have an older bow that is a very accurate bow. When the deer are out to 50 to 60 yds I start to have trouble guessing the correct range. I hunt quite a few different areas. Now I want to buy rangefinder. Its specification is: Yards: Up to 540 yards...
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    Rangefinder recommendation

    I have an older Bushnell Medalist rangefinder. Few of days I start to have trouble guessing the correct range. Now I want to buy Sig Kilo 2000. Its specification is: Magnification Range: 7x Finish: Matte black w/Rubber Objective: 25mm Eye Relief: 0.59? (15mm) FOV: 34.6? @100 yards Max Range...
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    Cheap Laser Range Finders

    I have one of these, friendly and easy to use. No problems found. You can use it.
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    Rangefinder battery ??

    Hi, adasko. I agree with you. I think, there might be a problem with his rangefinder. I also used the same battery and service is good, no complain.