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  1. Grant85

    Stunning hole - yes or no

    I think it looks like a great hole and happy to put it in the stunning category. In terms of playability, I'd be concerned that anything long is going to result in a 'good result', i.e. the ball will fall back down onto the green. Ok, so good fun but not really a fair result compared with...
  2. Grant85

    What's your true potential?

    I'd say I could get to single figures if I work on the right areas of my game. I'm getting back to golf after a few years off - been 17 in 2015 and this morning I was 24... will come down to 22 today and left plenty out there (2 triples, 2 doubles, 5 pars and 9 bogeys). Also played the 4...
  3. Grant85

    What do you do when your game falls apart?

    I always think about rhythm when struggling. Try and make a good solid turn and make a good strike without trying to hit it too hard. Usually my game has gone downhill when I am trying to hit the ball too hard and I get long and loose.
  4. Grant85

    Getting told you're slow

    I think there is a mental block that people can get. Especially for new players, or someone who is struggling and making changes. I remember when I was new to the game I used to stand over the ball for too long. With about 5 different things going through my head in terms of keeping this...
  5. Grant85

    Angus Deayton

    I personally am surprised they have never had him on HIGNFY again. They must have considered it given the number of guest hosts they get each year and that it would probably drum up a bit of interest in the show again. I'd guess this is because he isn't / wasn't well liked by the production team...
  6. Grant85

    Trump Aberdeen membership

    If you lived in the area, I'd suggest that is pretty good value to play a top venue as often as you want. Subject to what kind of availability there is (I'd imagine sufficient availability) and if there are a decent number of other members to play with / against. Even if you were just a...
  7. Grant85

    does on course noise put you off???

    If it's just general chit chat, not at all. I don't even notice it. To the point I am actually much too relaxed about chatting when other people are playing (obviously when it's laid back people I know).
  8. Grant85

    What TWO things really wind you up on your course?

    1. It's an out and back layout, so tricky to play a 'quick 9' unless you can cut in. 2. Number of areas with totally unkempt grass that is thick and matted. Basically a ball goes in and is pretty much lost, unless you stand on it. But you still need to spend time looking for it. I'm not...
  9. Grant85

    First eagle

    An Eagle is definitely on my bucket list. 2 x Par 5s at my place are not long, but tough. Maybe if I can get a bit more out of my driver a 3 isn't out of the question, subject to wind direction. I did hole a second shot on a par 4 once, but it was a winter green with large hole. So def not...
  10. Grant85

    Getting told you're slow

    If you are new, or relatively new, to the game, they were probably trying to give you some well meaning advice and not realising they were being a bit condescending. But if you think that 4 players are playing and they all took 30 seconds a shot and all shoot 84 (average handicap is 14 &...
  11. Grant85

    Westerwood Golf Course

    Thats not bad. I'd say this could be a decent day out in the right weather and you got a buggy. But any time I've played it, it has been a long slog with some conditioning issues. There are some decent modern holes and it may well become a decent pay and play course if they keep it in better...
  12. Grant85

    Reason for getting into golf

    Had been given a few introductions as a kid by supportive non-golfer parents. But it didn't stick and didn't ever get as far as joining a club. in 2011, had a game with my girlfriends dad at Kinghorn one bank holiday (i think it was the Royal Wedding) when in my mid 20s. Got hooked pretty...
  13. Grant85

    beaten up

    Dougalston in Milngavie is the one that springs to mind. Its got a good number of long par 4s and trees absolutely everywhere. There is the potential for a lost ball in the trees on almost every hole and some of the holes are / were crazily tight. Also a lot of walks back to the tees and...
  14. Grant85

    Should there be a break after a Major ?

    No, there are certainly enough good players to provide a decent field and it’s obviously an ideal time of year to play golf. Don’t see why they would take a week off unless players and sponsors stopped showing up. The week after a major can catch a decent field, especially the Masters when...
  15. Grant85

    Retro 3 woods ??

    I have a Cleveland Classic that was new in 2013. Not quite retro, but looks a bit retro. It’s probably the most reliable club in my bag so no plans to change it. Seems a lot of pros keep older 3 woods in play and when you have a good one, it’s tricky to find a better one.
  16. Grant85

    What does Tiger's win say about golf?

    Yes - but it doesn't suggest there is a premium on putting, which was the exact point I was making. Obviously the winner is going to putt ok.
  17. Grant85

    What does Tiger's win say about golf?

    Not for the winner. Normal tour event - winner averages 8th in SG putting. Masters - winner averages 10th in SG putting.
  18. Grant85

    What does Tiger's win say about golf?

    Very good Dan. So the Masters winner is much better at approach play and can afford to be poorer at putting AND still win. So really, there isn't a premium on putting, compared to the average tour event - which has more of a premium on putting.
  19. Grant85

    What does Tiger's win say about golf?

    I know exactly how SG works and I can guess what the stats will show when we can find them. I've never referenced number of putts etc. I realise completely the flaw in that stat. The stats from the Masters will show Tiger as: SG Approach 1st. SG Off the tee - middle of the pack. (par 3 play...
  20. Grant85

    What does Tiger's win say about golf?

    Quite simply, you are wrong. Tiger won the masters putting no better than ok. didn’t make any mistakes but didn’t tramline many and was certainly not better than the field at putting. He won on his ball striking.