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  1. patricks148

    Getting told you're slow

    TBH if someone has said you are slow its for a reason... they think or have seen you or been held up by you. as the saying goes if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, flys and walks like a Duck, then its usually a duck
  2. patricks148

    Westerwood Golf Course

    so pretty poor and average sound not bad to you? and £30 with breakfast might sound a good deal, from personal experience i wouldn't bother going back even if it was free. casting aspersions on those that have played it is a bit of a cheek TBH, as i said before get and play it yourself then...
  3. patricks148

    Angus Deayton

    aha yes nighty night remember him in that, but never heard of any of the others TBH
  4. patricks148

    Tiger out for dinner in green jacket

    are you sure its not just a Nation Express Coach Driver?
  5. patricks148

    Angus Deayton

    Golf course, Old Tom Morris Links, used to be a member, great course
  6. patricks148

    Angus Deayton

    live never seen or heard a single mention of him on TV in that time, forgotten all about him TBH, there was a time he wasn't off the TV
  7. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    played Tain on Sunday and Moray Old today. Much much better than Saturday, drove the ball very well and struck the irons as well as i have ever done today. brilliant weather too must be almost mid 20's here today. Fairways at Lossie had suffered after last years hot summer, and there are...
  8. patricks148

    Angus Deayton

    listening to the radio heading up to Tain Yesterday, Angus Deayton was a guest and talking about doing shows of the old Radio show Radio Active. Got me thinking, he was fired some 17 years ago never seen or heard of him in that time. a long time to be in exile, for a bit of cheating and...
  9. patricks148

    beaten up

    don't know about beaten up, but i never play well at Blairgowrie. used to be Royal Dornoch, but sussed it eventually.
  10. patricks148

    Range Prices!

    i think Fairways is £6,
  11. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    rubbish, 84 gross, couple of shermans after great drives and a trip on the beach not to forget the 3 sevens on the card:(
  12. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    great round at Castle Stuart today, weather fantastic too.
  13. patricks148

    On-course signage

    old fashioned style links course you can see the next tee from most of the greens or its obvious where the next one is. lossie has a few confusing cross overs between the new and the old
  14. patricks148

    Easter Weekend where are you playing?

    what a shame the weather forecast is hot and sunny, your one day of the year for that and you will have missed it;)
  15. patricks148

    Callaway ChromeSoft vs TaylorMade TP5 vs Project (a)

    with a SS of that sort i would imagine the softer compression would work better, as with 90 you just don't have the clubhead speed to get the best out of a premium ball, something i have found myself (i'm between 95 and 100) i have been using ProV1 for some time and reg lose distance with them...
  16. patricks148

    Masters 2019

    did his beard scratch?
  17. patricks148

    I bought today.....

    found one last week and tried it for a few holes the other night, was like a rock, didnt bother picking it up just left it where lay on the green, after repairing the pitch mark of course
  18. patricks148

    Mountain Bike advice

    i have emailed half a dozen frame builders and not one have replied, so i suppose they are just not interested in doing it, problem i have is my location, no one close. it would mean stripping the bike and posting and i have no clue how to get the forks off;)
  19. patricks148

    Mountain Bike advice

    Hard tail i would say, don't do much extreme off road, most Paths and forest tracks. MTB has moved on from when i did a lot, steel was very popular and there were dozens of custom builders to chose from. Looked in to HD repairing it but it appears he sold the company to someone else and by the...
  20. patricks148

    Mountain Bike advice

    My Custom Build Dave Hind Steel framed MTB, finally gave up the ghost this week. Chain stay completely broken, got in in 1997 so done OK. looking for a replacement frame or maybe the whole thing. I would like to transfer the GS off the old one as its was top of the range XTR at the time and is...