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    Practicing with headphones

    Does anyone else do this? I've started hitting the ball much better on the range since I've started listening to music. Any kind of music really, as long as it doesn't have a particularly fast tempo.
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    Challenge Tour pro-am

    I’ve ended up getting myself a spot in the Bridgestone Luton Hoo pro-am event in a couple of weeks. I’ve no real idea on what exactly to expect... Has anyone played in a pro-am like this before? What advice have you got for me? Cheers!
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    St Andrews Old Course as a single

    Hi guys, I have looked through a couple of older threads on this, and googled it, but I wondered if anyone has any up to date info. I'm heading up to St Andrews at the end of September for the UKPCC event on the Eden course, which is played on the Sunday. I'll be arriving on Thursday evening...