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    Fiona Bruce Question Time

    I thought she was excellent. Controlled the panel and audience well. Balanced show for a change with the panellists all given equal time to put their points over. London audience behaving themselves and asking sensible questions. I hope this sets a marker, more of the same please.
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    Getting Old

    Quite a few gaps in the Christmas cards this year with the loss of friends, family and loved ones. This has made me feel a bit melancholy. Not helped yesterday by buying a small lightbulb and reading that it has a longer life expectancy than myself. :LOL:
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    I have always argued that if gloves work so well why don't golfers wear two. Maybe this guy is proving my point.;)
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    Steven Gerrard

    Slightly to my surprise he seems to be doing quite a decent job as the Rangers manager. So far he has avoided all the usual OF guff and handles himself well with the press. He also respects the opposition teams [rare for a manager of the Rangers]. I would perhaps question his buying, for the...
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    Persimmon Homes

    Strange how to some, a bonus of £75m is a crazy amount of money for a guy who doubled his companies finances in 3 years but not for a yearly salary for a run of the mill footballer in the EPL
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    Ikea Furniture

    Visited Braehead yesterday for the first time in ages. Goodness me, I thought I was walking through a furniture museum. Much of the stuff we bought from Habitat, Co-op, Transatlantic Plastic etc in the early 1970's seems to have been copied for the 2020's I know in clothes fashion folk say what...
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    Another Hoop to Jump Through.

    I really like this guy. He runs a foodbank in D&G and writes an amusing blog. Just think how pissed off he must be with Tesco and their 'every little helps' slogan.
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    Next PM

    According to a leaked Tory memo, the 1922 Committee will ditch May in April. Looking at the seriously awful list of contenders it sums up where I stand when I think Jeremy Hunt is probably the BEST on offer.
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    House of Fraser

    House of Fraser has been taken over by Mike Ashley. He says he wants to turn it into a 'Harrods of the High Street'. I would imagine there will be a bit of a culture shock coming for it's staff. Fair play to him in taking it on and keeping the jobs. I would imagine HoF property portfolio is...
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    2013 original estimate of £33b now rises to £99b. That's inflation for you.:( Any guesstimates of the final figure once completed.
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    Prescription fee costs.

    Probably why Scotland can provide free prescriptions.
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    Army Pay in Scotland Shocker

    Read this carefully and discover an alternative BBC headline. The UK army will now take additional money from the poorest paid soldiers to help officers earning over £33k Bearing in mind those officers based in Scotland already...
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    The Scottish Open

    Birdie fest at windless Gullane. Connor Syme claims new course record with a 62.
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    Gardening Tips

    When you have just spent two hours in the blazing sun weeding a large bed. Sit down in front of it with a nice cup of tea and by the time you have finished drinking it you will be amazed how many weeds you have missed.:(
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    The Brexit Irish Border Solution

    Move it to Scotland and everyone is a winner.
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    BBQ. Advice

    Hottest day ever in Glasgow yesterday, and two days in the high 20's in bonny Ayrshire. Schools broken up and I have foolishly proposed a BBQ for the G'Kids tomorrow. I haven't done one for nigh on 20 years....Lady Doon thinks they are an utter waste of time. Got burgers chicken legs, sausages...
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    I saw a wicker one today, really cool. I want one like that. Eventually.;)
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    Local Authority Elections

    Have you voted today ?
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    Baby Boxes.

    Wings having a bit of fun about the madcap claims of the Scottish unionist media and Scottish branch of the Tory party who are [obviously] in opposition to the Scottish Governments very popular Baby Box concept. Notice that the crazy howls of complaint are about the cardboard box and NOT the...
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    Rangers Next New Manager

    I see they have appointed a temporary management team to replace the temporary manager. Some critics say that appointing an inexperienced under 18's coach to replace and experienced under 20's coach is not a very good idea for the next manager. ;)