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  1. Beedee

    Majors on Sky

    Not a massive fan of Sky's coverage, but very pleased it's all on one channel. Do like Butch on commentry tho. How many times will we be able to here him say "He couldn't have walked it out there any better"?
  2. Beedee

    Anyone Here Using a Callaway Sure Out?

    I'm an awful bunker player, so I grasped the straw and tried the Sureout 58 and 64. btw I believe the reason for the 64 is that you aren't meant to open the face at all. Opening the normal wedge adds quite a few degrees. Anyway, before trying the Callaways I used to try to get out of bunkers...
  3. Beedee

    How often do you change your irons?

    I change roughly every 3 or so generations. Had G5, G25 and now G. Skipped G400 and G410, but will probably look very closely at G420 (or whatever they're going to be called). Keep hoping I'll get good enough for some "i" irons instead of G, but hasn't happened yet.
  4. Beedee

    What new courses have you got planned for 2019

    The UK ones that I know about (but I'm sure there'll be others) are * Shirehampton * Filton The overseas ones are * Salgados * San Lorenzo That'll leave Monte Rei and Victoria as the only 18 holers on the Algarve that I haven't played yet.
  5. Beedee

    Golf course Gloucester

    Puckrup is in decent nick at the moment (full disclosure - I'm a member there). Tewkesbury Park is also quite good. Both are gently rolling parkland courses. Painswick and Cleeve Hill are common land courses so you have to like walkers/bikers/horse riders (and be fond of lots of sheep and cow...
  6. Beedee

    Ping G410

    Like the look of the clubs, and have been a Ping-boy for years, but disappointed that they've decided to join the mega-bucks brigade. I guess my current G's will be the past brand-new and latest clubs that I'll be buying.
  7. Beedee

    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    Saw her play at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival the night after this was recorded in London. This song absolutely brought the house down.
  8. Beedee

    2019 Season Goals

    * Finish the season getting fewer shots that I start the season. * Come away from my autumn tour to Portugal having won more money than I've lost. * Play more If I can do those then it'll be a good golfing year.
  9. Beedee

    New rule OOB/ ball lost(2)

    Or alternatively, if the rest of the world likes it, and especially with the advent of the WHS, I can see pressure to make it more widely applied even in the luddite backwater of Congu.
  10. Beedee

    “Are you not entertained?”

    Did anyone see where my ball went - "You can't handle the truth!"
  11. Beedee we or don't we?

    While I agree it would be interesting - playing courses with real rough too - can you imagine how many hours it would take if pros had to search for their own balls and rake their own bunkers?
  12. Beedee


    Aquaman last night. Went in with fairly low expectations. A lot of the acting and dialogue was fairly dodgy. Overall - absolutely loved it :-)
  13. Beedee

    Why Does He get To Choose?

    New rule 18.3b doesn't mention anything about not walking back, and the "proposed changes" document was explicit that walking back is not a consideration now; only that it can only be a provisional if played within the 3 minutes (and original not found yet, and right words used).
  14. Beedee

    So what you got?

    Lindt chocolate golf balls :D Result!
  15. Beedee

    What’s your opinion on this, ugly or beauty?

    Looks like a Ping Ug-le. Had one for a while. Very stable but just couldn't get used to the way it looked.
  16. Beedee

    Glove or no glove

    Always wear on for long shots and pitches. I've tried playing without but the stability of my grip is really poor without. Never tried cord grips tho. In the summer I try to take it off between every shot to prevent a golfers tan. Easier to do if there's a long walk from tee to 2nd shot and...
  17. Beedee


    One of my Christmas traditions is to meet up with an old school friend, go for a curry and a movie. Usually whatever blockbuster looks good. For the first time ever (well in over 20 years anyway) we're really struggling to find something to watch. Honestly can't recall a worse Christmas movie...
  18. Beedee

    Random irritations of the day......

    Im my case, luckily, nobody. It was more a general comment. Far too many people going into debt to buy a bunch of tat that people wouldn't buy themselves, or will get bored of before the wrapping paper is in the bin. And seeing the way some of my acquaintances and relatives feel duty-bound...
  19. Beedee

    New Rules - what are you for and against?

    I think the flag rule will improve things overall. But the ones that will get the biggest improvment from it are probably the groups that need it least, i.e. the ones that just get one with it anyway. Faffers are gonna faf regardless.
  20. Beedee

    Random irritations of the day......

    Buying presents that people don't want, for people that you don't like, using money that you don't have. Bah Humbug (again)