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  1. Robster59

    First golf course played

    And me. I first played with my Dad and brothers. I can't remember exactly how old I was at the time but I'd say about 11. I remember loooong waits in the morning to play. Then lots of others with Vikingman in my late teens / early twenties. 😀
  2. Robster59

    what would you do??

    What's the option? Not say anything and see somebody flaunt/break the rules continuously? You've given all the reasons not to take any action or even responsibility? I would take that chance and I've had to do that on a few occasions when I was Captain. It can be done diplomatically.
  3. Robster59

    what would you do??

    For me, if I had seen someone doing it, irrespective of age, I would have a polite word with them and remind them that mats had to be used off the fairway. There's nothing wrong with politely putting someone straight as they may not be aware of the rule or don't know why the rule is in place...
  4. Robster59

    Word Association - take 3

  5. Robster59


    An Actor Prepares Very formulaic, predictable ending, supposed to be a comedy. Very meh!
  6. Robster59


    Same here. I felt decidedly underwhelmed.
  7. Robster59

    What after shave?

    I prefer the muskier scents so at the moment it is Montblanc Legend Night an Intenso by D&G. Heritage by Guerlain used to be my favourite but for some reason they changed the scent to something totally different.
  8. Robster59

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Fair enough. ;)
  9. Robster59

    What gap do you have?

    My Callaway XR 9 and PW are 30° and 44° respectively Then I have Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge at 51° and 56° respectively. The lofts on most irons sets now are so strong you have to know them to ensure you get the right gap wedge.
  10. Robster59

    Andy Murray Retiring Soon

    A great tennis player who I think because of his perceived outward demeanour a number of people can't take to. A shame really as if you look at his achievements, actually listen to what he's saying in his natural deadpan way and see what he's done in the background then I think post retirement...
  11. Robster59

    Hybrid as a chipper

    I use it occasionally but like the others find it comes off the face hotter than you would expect if using an iron for the same job. However off certain lies it has it's uses.
  12. Robster59

    What's in the bag?

    Main/Summer bag Callaway XR16 driver Cleveland Classic 3 wood Benross Hot Speed 2 5 wood Cleveland Classic 20° hybrid Callaway XR 5-PW irons Cleveland RTX 2.0 51° and 56° wedges Callaway MD3 60° wedge Rife Hybrid mallet putter Second/Winter/Holiday bag Benross Hotspeed 2 driver Benross Hotspeed...
  13. Robster59

    Jeremy Corbyn

    All Corbyn is worried about is being elected, irrespective of the impact his manoeuvring has on the nation. He just wants to destabilise the current government. I'm a lifelong Labour supporter and I wouldn't for him.
  14. Robster59


    I would say my real go to putter for the last ten years or so has been my Rife 2-bar hybrid mallet which is keeping out it's predecessor, a MacGregor Bobby Grace MK6.4GT. Neither of these would appeal to those who like simple looks but for me they're both excellent putters with great balance...
  15. Robster59

    That fake northern rugby want to charge holders to enter their competition?

    When Farrell and Burgess moved to Union they put them in unfamiliar positions. Two bursting prop forwards put at centre. No wonder they struggl,d but still got picked to play for England. :rolleyes::confused: When players have moved from one code to another is always the forwards who find it...
  16. Robster59

    That fake northern rugby want to charge holders to enter their competition?

    Of course they do. In the Six Nations for starters.
  17. Robster59

    M5/ M6 announcement

    I think TM get the stick more as they were probably the first manufacturer to shorten the time between model releases although agreed that most other manufacturers are following suit now. I think that golf clubs are really pushing the limit of how far they can improve on the previous model so...
  18. Robster59

    3 Clubs and a putter

    5 wood, 7 iron, Gap wedge and putter.
  19. Robster59

    They're not all locked up yet

    Of course the world is flat and here's the incontrovertible proof!
  20. Robster59

    Winter Mats

    But we're not pros and as Patrick said above the grass up here doesn't grow in the winter so it's all about course protection. I use the divotEND Rocket Launcher fairway mat. I prefer it to the traditional mats as it has give and guy can down in it. It's compulsory on fairways in the winter at...