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    Think thats what i'll do to be honest, i'll not get one straight anyway so look better without for me.
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    Peeled them off now along with all the residue and it looks a damn site better now not having tatty stickers i must say. KBS have since got in touch and advised they have sent me a couple of sets for my irons so they can effectively be replaced twice. So i'll see how i feel once they arrive.
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    Golf Related Engagement Present

    Thanks for all these brilliant suggestions: A golfing themed break is peaking my interest I must say. We both get a break and she relaxes and gets pampered whilst I get a round or two of golf in for a small portion of a couple of the days. We then have plenty of time to do things together. We...
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    Golf Related Engagement Present

    Due to get married in June, just finished paying off all the suppliers, venue etc so the financial burden is at least done with. The Mrs has been asking again and again what I want as some kind of wedding present, I’ve now caved in as it’s relentless. Problem is I literally want for nothing, I...
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    The Golf Club 2

    I just bought the 2019 version on PS4 for around £24 last night, hated it at first as I was slicing everything and realised the tempo was massively off which was causing it. Confused me for a few holes as my swing place was fine but once you get the knack its quite satisfying. Echo what Dan...
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    3 wood troubles

    I had exactly the same issue, X flex definitely helped me along with putting the weights in to provide a fade bias. It took me a few range sessions of hitting a straight ball with a touch of draw to believe in myself, favourite club in the bag now.
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    Ball Position In Stance

    It must have been old school PGA fundamentals as I was taught exactly as OP’s first post by a really old school coach. I didn’t really ever question it as I was a junior and he taught all in the academy that way. One characteristic of a good majority of his juniors however was high ball flight...
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    Council Tax

    Nice set of new wedges thanks to the ten month payment that the Mrs. doesn't need to know about. The upcoming release of the PM Grinds are looking rather tasty I must say
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    what would you do??

    As a one off I agree, but if it's an ongoing issue by a particular person it needs escalating. We have all done stuff we shouldn't but if picked up on it or you know better it should be no more than a one off not a regular occurrence otherwise its to the detriment of the course and other...
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    what would you do??

    Not even mentioned it to the committee? Sorry but if I saw someone hacking away at my course, especially when it's undergoing quite a substantial spend i'd say something. It can't be one rule for one and a different rule for every other member, especially when said junior will be paying vastly...
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    what would you do??

    Where is the line drawn though in this politically correct world? Could you have said 'just to let you know we all need to be using mats at this time of year etc.' as its guidance or is that also a step too far? All sounds rather pathetic to me, I would totally expect some kind of rule...
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    what would you do??

    Honestly pick them up on it, it can be done in a way that doesn’t berate them and offers them advice and they learn from it. Or let the junior organiser know. Our junior organiser when I was a little sprog would ask all members to report any issues to him. He was very tactile and would educate...
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    Driving irons ???

    I tried many driving / 2 irons, cobra, titleist, Taylor made srixon and Callaway. I settled on the 718 T-MB and it was a great club, I then ended up hitting a friends 712 u as he wanted a try with my T-MB. We literally switched clubs that same weekend and he gave me some money on top. I then...
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    Where Can I Get Golf-Club Sized Boxes?

    Local range or pro shops usually have a few kicking around. My mrs actually made me one over xmas for me to send a club i'd sold which got rid of a few brown boxes. Alternatively just wrap the club as is in dozens of layers of parcel tape, pop his address on a post it note and take it to your...
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    Nairn course upgrades

    Sounds like even better days ahead on the course and in the background.
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    Thank you. I have a support ticket with them however they are yet to respond. They seem to have little representation over here, seems to mainly be the states.
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    What's in the bag?

    As per my sig however I've just replaced the odyssey with a Scotty. Have some MD's in my bag so people know I'm not a titleist slave. Titleist 917 D2 Driver (X Flex Speeder with Grey MCC Plus4 Grip) Titleist 917 F3 13.5 Degree (X Flex Speeder with Grey MCC Plus4 Grip) Titleist 712u 2 Iron 18...
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    I've looked on the bay, been direct to KBS however they only seem to provide the US with shaft labels from what I can see. Does anybody have access or could supply a set of KBS Shaft Labels? I need 8 of the following in total: KBS C-Taper 130 X They look like the pic in the following link...
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    Just wooden ones for me. Nice long ones for my driver which never snap as i tee it up so high they just split after a few uses. Everything else gets hit off a snapped tee that someone has abandoned.
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    Golf clubs low on membership

    My course seems to be actively welcoming new members and their friends. When i joined I got asked on 2 occasions to invite 1 friend and they could play 18 holes and have a bacon sarnie for £5. I invited 2 different people, one for each occasion. 1 of them joined immediately the other is...