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    Its aint gonna happen

    If you want to continue playing - find a pro who understands the problems you're having and can work around it. Everyone plays golf differently but most of all.. enjoy it!
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    7 Wood/9 Wood

    Hello, I struggle with distance on most of my shots. This quickly racks up my scores on par 5s.. until I started using my 5 wood. I am hitting this very well at the range and struggling on the grass (getting the ball up in the air). The pro who I do lessons with recommends a 7/9 wood, maybe...
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    Exclusive! New putter - never miss a putt!

    It does look like a training putter. Very basic and blocky - if you're going for that look then great. I would like to see it designed more pleasing to the eyes, however i do like the big arrow. price would seem reasonable.
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    'Heavenly Hybrids'

    Has anybody recently bought one of these from the website? The website kind of looks out dated and they haven't posted much on their facebook page. I just want to check that they still make these clubs before trying to buy one. I very much like the sound of them.
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    Lithium quandary

    I also bought the S3 Pro with the same deal, I have received the bag too. Very nice! I believe the guidance states that you charge it once you've completed your round (as its better than leaving the battery uncharged for a while) and remove when fully charged. This is to not overcharge the...
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    Spin rate - important to a beginner?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new set of irons. I have seen a few sets that look reasonably priced so looked up some reviews. They have good reviews but very low spin rate compared to other irons. As a new golfer, how much attention should I pay to spin rate? Will this really affect me much?
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    Irons - Switch to graphite shafts

    I have recently visited American Golf and seen a set of BenRoss HTX Comp Gold - lite flex graphite shaft 5-GW down from £420 to £250. Has anyone got a set of these or any BenRoss clubs. I’m relatively new to golf and I’ve never heard of this brand.
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    Irons - Switch to graphite shafts

    I’m finding this thread very interesting. I struggle with heavier clubs and seriously considered graphite irons. I will look into getting some fitted in the new year. For anyone who uses graphite irons, which ones do you recommend?
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    How to: Hybrid

    I strike the ball quite well, However I’m focusing on my striking and the power will follow soon. I just can’t seem to get the height.
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    How to: Hybrid

    Hello, I am struggling to get the ball up in the air with my hybrid. Is there any advise anyone would recommend for hitting a 22 degree hybrid? Do I stand as I’m hitting a driver or more like an iron? I will be getting lessons in the new year Thanks
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    Beginner Advice Guide - I created a thread last week. It's for what advise people wish they had when they first started playing golf. Hopefully some useful information in there for you.
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    Starting again (going to try!)

    I had muscular problems growing up, I thought this would affect how I play. I found a good pro who is helping me find a swing which is best suited to me. I'll never be a big hitter but I've added 40+ yards on my drive from the help.
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    What level of fees increase would make you look to move clubs

    Depends how much you enjoy the course. I pay £205 with discount for age. This will go up to a full £660 within the next three years. I'll see how much I'm enjoying it in three years time.
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    What's the oldest club in your bag?

    I find nothing wrong with older clubs. I have a TaylorMade R5 5 wood.. 2005 I believe. £22, decent condition and saved me multiple times.
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    Wilson Irons

    How did you find the clubs? I’ve been looking for similar.
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    Advice you wish you had when you first started?

    Hi everyone, I am a new golfer (joined my first club in October) and I have a couple of questions.. What advice do you wish you had received when you first starting playing golf? I am in the process on handing in three scorecards to get my handicap. I have noticed a theme where I score high...
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    A new golfer who is open to any advise.

    A new golfer who is open to any advise.