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  1. DCB

    First golf course played

    July 1973, Silverknowes Golf Course in Edinburgh. Played with my mate Michael and shot 129. Start of a long road and enjoyed every step of it over the years.
  2. DCB

    what would you do??

    from experience ...... that's just the way teenagers are nowadays unfortunately. If one of them doesn't use a mat when playing off the fairway, his mates will soon not use the mat off the fairway and it soon snowballs.
  3. DCB

    what would you do??

    The upshot of not talking to that one Junior would be that next week almost all the juniors that played in the winter would be doing the same thing.
  4. DCB

    what would you do??

    Oh joy ..... a simple telling off for playing off the fairway when it's not allowed and a parent takes the high horse ..... Not actually aware of a Scottish Golf directive that says adult members shouldn't talk to junior members, can't see it on their safeguarding pages either. if it's done...
  5. DCB

    what would you do??

    Yes, done in the appropriate manner they'll learn the lesson. When I was Junior Convener I had many a member pass comment about things they had seen "my juniors" do out on the course. I always asked them if they had spoken to the Juniors at the time ...... best to get it sorted as it happens...
  6. DCB

    Council Tax

    Our Garden refuse collection will not be covered by council tax this coming year, so, to get an uplift is costing an extra £35 for the year. So that's part of month 11 gone already 😠
  7. DCB

    7 Wood/9 Wood

    I have had a 7W in use for some time. Very versatile and easier to use off the turf than a 2 or 3 hybrid.
  8. DCB

    What gap do you have?

    First set with jacked up lofts which seems to be all the rage these days. My 5 iron is the same loft as a 4 iron used to be :( 9 - 40° PW - 45° GW - 50° SW - 55° LW - 60°
  9. DCB

    Golf clubs low on membership

    That's the start of the slippery slope to oblivion. Once started there is no return.
  10. DCB

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Oh joy .... it just gets worse by the minute. Does JC really think the EU will sit down and re-negotiate at this stage.
  11. DCB

    Irons - Switch to graphite shafts

    Prior to my accident in 2014 I was playing Mizuno MP64 with light Nippon steel shafts. I had to completely review how I was going to try to play golf again. I ended up going to graphite shafts, tried them in a similar R flex, but, on advice from my physios, I decided to get as much help as...
  12. DCB


    Thread being watched as it develops. Let's not get too extreme please, otherwise, thread will be locked down.
  13. DCB

    If you stopped playing golf today, what would your next hobby be?

    I came to this crossroads in 2014 after an accident. Took a year before I tried swinging a wedge and another before I swung a driver, but, got there in the end. Still able to play and enjoy my golf in the warmer weather. Got a bit more involved in my photography to fill the void. Don't give up...
  14. DCB

    Cleaning service at your club.

    Interesting first post 😉
  15. DCB

    Being Paired up at a Visiting course

    It'll depend how busy the course is. We've been paired up a few times when playing as a two. I certainly expect it if playing at a 'resort course' nowadays.
  16. DCB

    Rolling 5 year HC

    Great consistency there Tommo, retirement has obviously helped sharpen your game 😉 Here's to the next five years ☺
  17. DCB

    Stay very close to their store. Great selection on display and reasonably priced. I traded in a set of Mizuno MP58S and got a very good price for them Bought a driver from them at excellent price for the spec and had a good buy with an Odyssey putter in the spring. Well worth a browse online...
  18. DCB

    New Top 100 Rankings

    Time to take a step back for some .... let's keep it civil please.
  19. DCB

    Scottish Golf In Decline Again

    Oh ... what an insult ..... I'll need to ditch the blazer and SG tie now ;) Trouble is, players have gotten used to paying very little using these schemes and certainly don't want to fork out what seems like a lot of money for membership when they can play at different places for very little. I...
  20. DCB

    Scottish Golf In Decline Again

    We are now reaping the reward of the various cut price green fee vouchers that were so prolific 10-15 years ago. I can remember being slated on here a long while back when I said these voucher schemes woule be the end of club golf as we knew it. People were too happy to make use of them and...