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    Putting with the flagstick in

    This adds to and confirms previous tests and recommendations.
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    Is this still relevant?

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    Caddie playing in comp

    Was there a recent thread here re the above?
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    Faster Payments System

    Apparently big problems last weekend but supposedly sorted. Is anyone still having an issue with it?
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    Word Association - take 3

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    World Handicapping System - IGNORE

    IGNORE Already in Lounge
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    TPMS - Telephone Preference Management Service

    Not to be confused with TPS - Telephone Preference Service - Beware of cold calls from this company (using many different numbers usually starting 020...). It is a scam. They will ask you to confirm your debit card bank details and 'renew' your registration which is...
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    TV Call-ins
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    9 hole comps

    For CONGU members. Just curious. How many knew that prior to 2016, the handicap of cat 1 players was not adjusted after playing in a 9 hole comp, whatever their score?
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    Draft Rules Proposals
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    Rules Experience

    Has anyone tried this yet?
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    Handicapping etc

    Would it be possible to set up a new section for this as all the threads get lost amongst the chaff in the Lounge.
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    Radio 2 material ?
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    No of Qualifiers

    Did some one on this board ask about the average no of qualifiers played?
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    See Space Bar Problem in Website Feedback
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    Space bar problem

    Since yesterday, when I post a reply to a post the space bar doesn't produce a space. However, when posting a new message, like this, it works perfectly. Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions? There only seems to be a problem if I am quoting the original message and entering text...
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    Brilliant Browlees

    Out of this world
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    The rules can favour you
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    Speeding it up - the R&A Manual

    Interesting and challenging (to some) comments. ....... management practices, course set up and player behaviour all combine to cause issues with pace of play. The common misconception is that players are the sole cause. The reality is that many of the barriers to playing at a good pace are in...
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    Congu 2016

    I gather the ISVs have just received the 2016 specifications. They are committed to including these changes in the 2016 software and to making this available as early in 2016 as possible. It is strongly recommended that clubs run the Annual Review before the end of 2016 !