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  1. TheDiablo

    Spin Rates - GI Irons

    I got fitted for new irons yesterday at Silvermere. I was really impressed with the whole experience - the fitter watched me hit some shots with my current irons, asked what I was looking for in new irons and we took things from there. He set some 'goals' around launch angle, descent and...
  2. TheDiablo

    Potential Changes to the Rules of Golf

  3. TheDiablo

    Arise Sir Andy and Sir Mo

    As arguably 2 of our greatest ever sportsman I think it is well earned...
  4. TheDiablo

    Bryson DeChambeau - New Putting Style

    Most have probably already seen as its done the rounds all day, not seen it mentioned on here so whats your initial thoughts? Looks crazy but I'm sure he's got some 'science' behind it...
  5. TheDiablo

    Rory McIllroy Interview

    Rory really is a great ambassador for our sport - really good interview below. European Tour continue to kill it with social media, they're miles ahead of most other professional sports leagues with...
  6. TheDiablo

    World Super Six

    The European Tour and PGA Australia have announced a new format for an event in 2017 - 'World Super 6' Key points: First 54 holes as usual, with a 36 hole cut. Top 24 progress to Sunday Sunday -...
  7. TheDiablo

    Wtd: Clubs Travel Bag

    Anyone got a spare or unwanted travel bag for clubs? Taking them abroad for the first time in a couple of months. Alternatively, any recommendations or 'bargains' would be appreciated!!
  8. TheDiablo

    On course quick fix required - pulling left

    For the second or third time this year I had a round where almost every approach, from 5i right through to PW, was somewhere between 10 and 30 yards left of target. I think I only hit 1 GIR this weekend, then I've been averaging 7 or 8 over the last couple of months. (16 handicap) The strike...
  9. TheDiablo

    Course between Stoke and Stafford

    Any recommendations for a course between Stoke and Stafford? I've a meeting until 2pm in Stoke on Wednesday and then 5 hours to kill. Never played that way before so any hidden gems that will take a solo visitor?
  10. TheDiablo

    WTD 7 Iron

    Anyone got a spare 7 iron in decent condition knocking about? Ideally something around 31/32deg loft, stiff shaft. Cheers!
  11. TheDiablo

    WGC Matchplay Bracket Competition

    Anyone entered this? I've set up a GM Forum league. Basically, pick the winner of each group, then each match through to the winner. Just a bit of fun for the weekend! - make your picks and search 'GM Forum' in the leagues section :thup:
  12. TheDiablo

    Thoughts on these courses for society days

    I've just joined a new company and pleased to see there is an active golf society, with between 20 and 40 at each meet. The list below is the courses booked for 2016. Each meet is 36 holes - a morning stableford and afternoon team competition, with coffee, lunch and dinner. Prices range from...
  13. TheDiablo

    Unofficial Handicap Maintenance - Society/Friends

    Does anyone have any free software/spreadsheet that can allow me and a group of mates (about 8 of us) to centrally track a mock handicap? We all started about the same time, but inevitably have progressed at different rates, have different commitment levels and spend varying time playing. It's...
  14. TheDiablo

    BMW Championship

    The standard here is unbelievable! Day holes an 80yd bunker shot for Eagle, very next hole Speith shoots an ace! Then both follow up with birds at the next! Day on -8 thru 12 is ridiculous shooting
  15. TheDiablo

    The Oxfordshire

    I've got a good stay and play deal for Sunday night at The Oxfordshire. Anyone have any reviews, hints and tips for some of the holes? There's 6 of us going, split teams into 3s - any good ideas for a format? At the moment we are thinking best 2 scores per hole stableford. Also, potentially...
  16. TheDiablo

    Robert Allenby

    What do people think on the latest Robert Allenby news? Sacking a caddie mid-round and then asking a randomer from the crowd to carry the bag! He's one VERY loose cannon....
  17. TheDiablo

    Society Team Comp - Tactics

    Morning all, I'm playing in my cricket clubs annual golf day this Friday. This will be the first time I have entered as I took up golf in the last year. I am entering a team of 4, all of us in the same boat. We've never played in one of these, so looking for some advice on team tactics...
  18. TheDiablo

    Jiminez Watch

    Ace from the Spaniard! Absolutely love his celebration - golf needs more characters like him.
  19. TheDiablo

    Adams Launch Day with David Howell

    Absolutely amazing day at the Adams launch event today at Top Golf with Golf Monthly and David Howell. :D We began by watching David Howell do some media shots and instruction videos, then met him and he put me instantly at ease, extremely likeable guy. We then got taken away by Mike and the...
  20. TheDiablo

    Comic Relief

    Anyone doing any fundraising for Comic Relief this year? Pretty standard in the office here - my team have organised a cake sale. So far raised £280 between 5 of us though - not too bad! I'm passing off my mums carrot cake cupcakes and chocolate and walnut brownies as my own! She retired last...