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  1. Big_G

    Bilyana Golf

    Have seem some very negative reviews of other golf tour operators on here, so thought I'd post my experiences with Bilyana We were due to fly out next Thursday 7th to Belek, a group of 12 golfers, Easyjet cancelled flights last week so had to contact Bilyana with the bad news. As everyone else...
  2. Big_G

    Double Ace

    Monthly Medal last Saturday 138yd 2nd hole, 2 guys in the same group consecutive hole in ones :eek: Nice guys, and they both stuck a bottle on the bar, happy days
  3. Big_G

    Your Golf Travel

    Anyone been in contact with them recently? Been trying to call them all morning, tried 3 different numbers all get cut off, anything to be concerned about?
  4. Big_G

    Handicap Reduction Query

    Had an issue come up at our club recently which has me stumped, not sure which side of the fence I come down on. 2 guys playing against each other in one of our major summer knock outs, a head to head medal comp. Both players shoot under their respective handicaps, they then being decent guys...
  5. Big_G

    Callway Epic Irons

    Really loving my Epic driver, and my irons are starting to fall apart Looking at the GM news section I saw Callaway are releasing their new Epic range of irons next month (which luckily coincides with my birthday) All was looking promising until I saw the RRP, £1799 wow, can't see anyway I...
  6. Big_G

    Hole in One - Or not?

    I was playing in our winter 4BBB comp last weekend We made the schoolboy error of winning the 1st, have always been told at our club never to win the 1st!!! How right they were, 2nd hole short downhill par 3, opposition guy steps up, one bounce straight in the hole. Lovely shot, no luck, first...
  7. Big_G

    My Ryder Cup Experience

    Don't know if anyone's interested but just thought I'd let you guys know how my trip to The Ryder Cup went Practice Day Up at 04.30 to catch coach transfer from St Paul, about an hour to Hazeltine (this got better at the weekend) Straight to the merchandise tent (thought we would get this out...
  8. Big_G

    Etiquette or Rule?

    Only been playing a few years, and last year was asked to join one of our clubs teams, so I'm still in-experienced at competitive golf. When playing a match at the weekend, my PP and one of the opposition pair had almost identical putts. Whilst my PP was attempting his putt the opposition...
  9. Big_G

    Ryder Cup 2016 - Tickets

    Big birthday next year, the wife is looking to get tickets for next years Ryder Cup, any suggestions for the best way to get these?
  10. Big_G

    Team Golf

    Hi Guys Do any of you out there represent your club in team matches, and if so what format do you play? My local club are struggling to get a team together this year, and the main reason given for the lack of interest is the format, scratch foursomes. Was just interested to see if this was...
  11. Big_G

    Golf IT systems advice appeciated

    Hi Guys/Ladies Long time lurker first time poster I've noticed from reading previous posts, some of you not only play the game but are involved in various roles helping the running of your clubs, whether through committee positions or in other ways. Our club is currently in the process of...