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  1. Colin L

    A couple of historical questions

    A historical rules question and a handicapping one. 1. Was there a time when you got a penalty if your ball hit another player's equipment in stroke play? 2. Does anyone know when the CDH started?
  2. Colin L

    Mixed tee competitions

    Can anyone think of a competition format which, in handicapping terms, cannot be played from mixed tees? I don't mean one that is difficult to manage, inadvisable, never actually done etc, just that it is technically not possible to arrive at the handicap allocations for the format. Your...
  3. Colin L

    Article on Haotong Li's Penalty

    I'm breaking my radio silence for a moment! You would be as well to read Rule 10b.2(4) before reading this article: (4) Restriction on...
  4. Colin L

    Study time

    I'll be holding back from contributing forum much for a while to concentrate on what is proving to be a much greater task of studying the new rules than I anticipated. Maybe that's a matter of age! With a requirement by Scottish Golf to attend a rules course in March in order to revalidate...
  5. Colin L

    2 for the price of 1

    Bounce game yesterday and so I was trying out putting with the flagstick in. Hit a 3 footer and had the bonus of applying the associated new rule when my ball wedged against the flagstick. Holed. The way to go? Well, whether with flagstick in or out, holing all the 3 footers would be a...
  6. Colin L

    A question for you.

    Here are some questions for you resulting from a momentary lapse of concentration this morning in our seniors roll-up (we do have to justify the title, you know). In a stroke play game, A and B play towards a green and land in the area short of the main green where there is a temporary green...
  7. Colin L

    New Rules 2019 - download R&A/USGA videos

    Has anyone found the facility to download the various videos the R&A/USGA have produced on the rules changes? I've been getting some from YouTube but as a result I've downloaded one on the Alternative to Stroke and Distance LR which shows the relief area wrongly. It's presumably an out of...
  8. Colin L

    New Rules 2019 - Relief Area

    Starting a new thread to answer this. You will be required to determine the nearest point of complete relief for the club, stance and swing you'd have used. You don't have to simulate your stance etc it but it's recommended that you do. The relief area is a club length from that point. A...
  9. Colin L

    New Rules - a suggestion

    The number of posts about the new rules is inevtiably increasing and I'd like to suggest that instead of raising matters under a generic heading like Rules 2019, we start new threads as questions/comments come up on particular topics and entitle them accordingly - Penalty Areas, Ball Moved on...
  10. Colin L

    Silloth Handicapping

    I've just finished scoring for a "Silloth" handicapped event at my club and, out of curiosity, wonder if anyone can explain the mathematical justification for it. For those who don't know it, it is a system for handicapping pairs in a better ball stroke competition. Subtract the difference...
  11. Colin L


    Does anyone know how to delete an Initial Handicap entry in Clubv1? For some reason a new member's record has been started with an initial handicap allotment and I need to remove it. There doesn't seem to be a delete function for it and I can't find anything in the Manual to help.
  12. Colin L

    Foursomes Handicaps

    I've encountered a perception that it is adantageous for a high handicapper to partner a low handicapper in foursomes. Does anyone know any statistics/studies which deal with that? I'm looking for facts, not more perceptions!
  13. Colin L

    Affiliated CONGU clubs

    Can anyone quickly tell me roughly (or accurately!) how many clubs are afilliated with CONGU?
  14. Colin L

    9 Hole Stablefords

    I'm trying to understand the nett differentials showing up in the Clubv1 record of 9 hole stablefords and would appreciate the help of anyone familiar with the system. For example, the nett differential of a player who scores 20 points over the 9 holes is shown as 15 when you would expect it to...
  15. Colin L

    Immovable obstructions

    Can anyone give me a reference to where I find the authority to deem two contiguous immovable obstructions to be a single obstruction. I know I can do it, but I can't find the source.
  16. Colin L

    A first for the Met

    That's the first time the Commissioner of the Met has been a Dick without one.
  17. Colin L

    Happy New Year

    All the best to everyone and great golfing in 2017. :cheers:
  18. Colin L

    Club 2000

    I’m looking for a way in the Club 2000 system to create a list of all our members who do not have a handicap. Can anyone offer a clue? It would be much appreciated.
  19. Colin L

    Please can we use the correct terminology?

    When golf commentators talk of “playing partners” to mean "fellow competitors" it isn’t mere pedantry to wish they would use the correct terminology. The problem is that “partner" has a precise meaning in the Rules which is the very opposite of a competitor. The potential for...
  20. Colin L

    Tricky lie

    Watching the Tour Championship yesterday and enjoyed the fun of McIllroy's drive ending up in a spectator's trouser pocket - no not lifted and pocketed but bounced in. Much good humour around and fortunately for the spectator in question, McIlroy did not have the option of playing the ball as it...