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    Local Rule adopted but not published.

    The R&A state that when local rules are adopted the Committee need to make sure that any Local Rules are available for players to see, whether on the scorecard, a handout, notice board or website. But what should happen if a club / committee (for whatever reason) just states "Winter Rules in...
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    Hollingbury Petition Closes Weds 15th Jan - Please sign

    Link to petition
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    electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).

    You are waiting on the 1st tee when one of your playing partners asks that anyone with a mobile phone in their bag kindly turn it off as they suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS). What would you do ? Would your response be different if the golf were social or competitive...
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    Everyone went up 0.1...

    Had to manually check this as I'd never seen it before. Only 6 players in the competition. The best 3 all shot over their handicaps but all 3 were just 1 shot within their SSS buffer zone. This resulted in the CSS going down by 1 shot ( 50% of the field in buffer). Which in turn meant the best 3...
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    Moto GP

    Anyone follow this, (along with Moto 2 and Moto 3) ? Great bike racing, riders select the tyres, fuel quantity and go out and race. No pit stops, no radio instructions, loads of overtaking, amazing speed (excess of 200 mph), the occasional spill with thankfully no serious injuries. Terrific...
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    Competition Handicap Certificates will be required......

    Just entering some Open competitions and the entry form states "Competition Handicap Certificates will be required on the Day". The entry form also requests my CDH No. which I thought was to alleviate the requirement of a hard copy handicap certificate. This is not the first time I have come...
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    Golf with professional footballers

    Having read in the paper today about the football incident in which Raheem Stirling stubbed his toe and fell over in the penalty area, and had a penalty subsequently awarded, I have often wondered if professional footballers cheat when they play golf. I understand a lot of them play golf, after...
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    3 clubs and a putter

    A competition is described as "3 clubs and a putter". One player has in his bag, a driver, a 4 hybrid, a 7 iron and a 9 iron. He states that he will be using his hybrid as his "putter". The Rules of Golf state that a putter is a club with a loft not exceeding 10 degrees designed primarily for...
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    Pairs BB Bogey / Par competition

    Can't set this up on IG, getting a message that Par / Bogey competitions are for individual play only. Would welcome any comments before referring to IG. Thanks.
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    Areas recovering from burnt and drought conditions

    We have many areas on the course that have been scorched and are now either completely bare or in the process of recovery have haphazard, tufty grass growth. Many areas around the greens are also bare and now partially covered by sand and material used in greens maintenance. Realistically there...
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    Buggies in Club Qualifying Competitions

    I would be interested on views, or particularly club policies, on using buggies in your club's monthly medals / stablefords, and trophy competitions. One club I know has a 'no buggies' in these competitions unless a medical reason is provided, another has a no restrictions at all. Thoughts please.
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    Number of Qualifiers Entry Criteria

    A competition handicap is maintained by returning scores from 3 Qualifying Competitions in a calendar year. However I have come across competitions where, in addition to specifying that a competition handicap is required, the entry criteria also stipulates that X qualifiers (usually 3...
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    Pro Golfers and FORE

    I have been a reader of this forum for a number of years however I have now signed up as I would like to know other users views on the ‘FORE’ issue. If you were watching the Honda Classic 2nd round and witnessed Justin Thomas’s drive at the 12th hole hitting a spectator on the head, you...