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  1. davidy233

    Blow by blow account of round

    Someone mentioned that after a good round 'You're going to get a blow by blow account over a beer?' Does this actually happen? Do people really regale their playing partners with the story of a round that the poor recipient of the talk has just witnessed?
  2. davidy233

    Trackman range

    I was at St Andrews Links range last night for a hit and noticed that they have installed 'Trackman Range' with a screen in each booth (disclaimer: may not be in them all but certainly was in the ones I saw). There's also an app which at first glance appears to show the same as the in range...
  3. davidy233

    Anyone played Brooksville Country Club in Florida?

    I'm playing there on Tuesday - any of you been there? Probably playing Plantation on Crystal River next week too
  4. davidy233

    Photographed Tom Watson

    Five times Open champion Tom Watson visited my golf course, Monifieth Links last night to receive Honourary membership and hit a drive at the first ever links course he played - he was an absolute gentleman and it was a joy to take his photograph. This is him after being informed that although...
  5. davidy233

    Slazenger winter golf trousers

    My wife bought me a pair of Slazenger winter golf trousers at Christmas (from Direct Golf), I was a bit dubious about them before trying them on but they are fantastic. Price was just over a tenner (£10.49) which added to my scepticism. They are really warm on a chilly day, but seem to be...
  6. davidy233

    The good wife

    Had a dentist's appointment this morning (root canal treatment) so was feeling a bit sorry for myself when I got to work - not any more - just got a text from the wife to tell me she's booked us to play the Championship course at Carnoustie in June. She's a top girl
  7. davidy233

    Carnoustie Burnside today

    Hadn't hit a ball since football pre-season started (start of July) but the missus told me we were playing golf today - It's her birthday so there was no way I could say no. We get half price (reciprocal) deals at most of the local courses and she'd booked a time on The Burnside at Carnoustie -...
  8. davidy233

    Saw a hole in one today

    Played in an open this morning and the guy who's card I was marking had lovely hole in one (first I've ever seen live) - beautifully struck 6 iron right at the flag all the way. Being a sports photographer I saw an opportunity to make a couple of quid and said 'Let's get a photo of you for the...
  9. davidy233

    Game golf tracking app

    I know there are a few who use Game golf on here but is anyone using their tracking app? Downloaded it (it's free) yesterday and tried it out this afternoon while out for a round - produces some interesting stuff
  10. davidy233

    £101,000 for a round of golf

    Listening to Chris Evans show on way to work this morning they started their Children in Need auction with four places in the BMW Pro-Am at Wentworth next year - the winning bids to play with GMac and Luke Donald - one guy paid £101,000 for a place What's the most you've paid for a round of golf?
  11. davidy233

    Learned a lesson today

    Not played a proper round for a couple of months but actually got some free time today and went out for 18 holes - it was cold in the house and a bit colder and drizzly outside. So I got wrapped up, forgetting that a walk round the golf course warms you up, and the drizzle had stopped - top...
  12. davidy233

    The Balgove Course - St Andrews Links

    Hadn't played for a couple of months and was booked for a meal at The Adamson in St Andrews (superb restaurant - highly recommended) with the missus, so decided we'd have a wee stroll round the Balgove course at St Andrews Links, which I'd never played before. It's the beginners, families and...
  13. davidy233

    Golf before work

    Anyone else do this? I'm working from home today and I've just been out for ten holes, lovely morning, though unusually windy for that early in the day (20mph). I've been out for eighteen before work a few times this year - best bit of the day - especially with a tap in birdie at the last...
  14. davidy233

    How many new courses have you played this year

    One of the best things about golf to me is hitting your drive down the first hole of a course you've never played before and walking after it - off on an adventure - how many courses have you played for the first time this year and which one(s) did you love I've played nine new (to me) courses...
  15. davidy233

    Had worst days

    Didn't get any golf today - but my football team beat a couple of hundred million worth of the Premier League Champions, Justin Rose won our (Scottish Open) after we got chance to chat with him at Taylor Made day at Trump this week and I got my pic (out of focus) taken with the only sports...
  16. davidy233

    What have you got on this weekend?

    I've got a mixed foursomes competition partnering the missus tonight on the Medal course and that's it for me golf wise this weekend except for a bucket of balls at the range, it's gorgeous here today so should be a good evening for a hit. Had intended heading up to Royal Aberdeen to watch the...
  17. davidy233

    Ryder Cup in my stadium

    I photograph sport - mainly professional football - get asked a lot on the course if I shoot golf - doesn't really work - they clash too much - but on Sunday when my team plays Man City we have the Ryder Cup at the ground - I can feel a selfie pic coming on
  18. davidy233

    Original Jones Golf bag - in UK?

    I'm thinking of getting one of these for evenings when I'm out carrying rather than taking the cart bag and the trolley, had something similar back in the 80s. Think I'll probably have to order from the States but I'm curious if anyone knows of any place in the UK selling them...
  19. davidy233

    Gokart v Powacaddy v Motocaddy

    My missus wants an electric trolley and the Gokart seems the way she is going after reading owners' opinions online. Any downsides/problems with them? or are either Powacaddy or Motocaddy better alternatives? And for the Gokart is the automatic worth the extra?
  20. davidy233

    Ten courses in fifteen days

    Just realised I've played ten different courses in the last 15 days - five of them were on holiday but it wasn't plNned to be a ten course tour - anyone else done this?