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  1. rosecott

    WHS and Winter Alliance

    Our Winter Alliance has a team competition scheduled for 2nd November. A directive has been issued, stating that the Handicap Index of players must be notified in advance or they cannot play. Does that seem reasonable or even possible?
  2. rosecott

    Cleaning your teeth

    Purchased a battery electric toothbrush today from Amazon for trips away. When I was on Amazon I was Amazed to see a rechargeable electric toothbrush for £571 and a few others in the £500s. How much did yours cost?
  3. rosecott

    Multiround aggregated competitions

    Our club championships are played on 2 consecutive days and we follow CONGU advice to retain the original starting handicap for both rounds. Prize money for each round is allocated in divisions according to net results in the same way as in all other competitions. The question that arises is...
  4. rosecott

    Unisex tees?

    My understanding was that it was not a formality that all tees would be assessed for both sexes and that clubs would have to request this if they wanted it and a new assessment visit would then be arranged. When ploughing through the depressingly large WHS toolkit, my eye fell on a note which...
  5. rosecott

    Google Maps Timeline

    Last week I received an email from Google telling me "here's your monthly update". It then goes on to tell me I'm receiving it because I turned on Location History - something I don't remember doing. I thought I'll have a look and see what it's all about. I have to say I was flabbergasted when...
  6. rosecott

    Forum rules

    Have they changed? Noticed quite a few For Sale postings lately by forummers without the number of posts that used to be required before posting - just interested.
  7. rosecott

    Random symbols

    Am I the only one to have some posts containing random symbols. Three extracts from the thread on unisex toilets: It’s just a toilet - why would you not use it ? Have a night off Phil 🙄ðŸ‘🻠Doesn’t really matter as long as you’re wearing white socks & your shirts tucked in.
  8. rosecott

    Ruling needed

    Player has a horrible tee shot which just goes off the front of the tee into heavy rough. He plays a provisional which does exactly the same. There is no sign of the original ball after a brief search so he elects to play the provisional which has been identified. He strikes down steeply and...
  9. rosecott

    Golf in Wales

    Playing Rolls of Monmouth and St Pierre in early September. Any advice?
  10. rosecott

    ESR anomaly

    Strange one. Player scored -4 Sunday before last and -5 this Sunday. Result - no ESR. I know the answer - can you hazard a guess as to why no ESR?
  11. rosecott

    9-hole qualifiers

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer but would like confirmation. 9-hole qualifier using, say, holes 1 to 5 and 15 to 18 with an EG awarded SSS for those holes. Would it be acceptable for players to play the intervening holes while submitting only the scores for the designated holes. CONGU doesn't...
  12. rosecott

    American Stableford

    Can you see anything wrong with playing a stableford qualifier but allocating prizes based on American Stableford?
  13. rosecott

    Putters - how many

    My son and family were staying with me for a couple of days and we met for lunch yesterday at the golf club when they arrived. Son and grandson fancied a go on the practise putting green, so asks how many putters I had in the car. Without a hint of embarrassment, I said three. How many putters...
  14. rosecott

    Ignore button

    How does it work? Having read enough of one forummers' opinions on the "handicap" and "should she be allowed back in" threads, for the first time ever I put someone on ignore. Does this mean that I will see any threads he has posted on, but without his posts?
  15. rosecott

    Competition divisions

    We have a couple of members who think that there should be no divisions for the allocation of prize money. I would be interested to find out what goes on at other clubs up and down the country. Does your club have divisions for the allocation of prizes?
  16. rosecott

    Bending the new rules How about this for a try? Did he accidentally strike the ball twice?
  17. rosecott

    Do we need 14 clubs?

    It was our annual 3 clubs and a putter today. The top 6 players all scored better today with 3 clubs than they did in the last comp they played in with a full set - 5 of them scored better than their previous 2, 3 or more rounds. I scored exactly the same as I did on Friday with a full set. Is...
  18. rosecott

    Close mown?

    Right in the middle of one of our fairways runs a fairly shallow channel - the end result, some years ago, of heavy machinery in use when major changes were being made. This week - probably due to inattention by one of our greenkeepers - the grass in this channel was not close mown but the same...
  19. rosecott


    Anyone listened to the Radio 4extra dramatisation tonight of the top level political decisions on the Falklands attack?
  20. rosecott


    I have just, in an idle moment, clicked on something I hadn't noticed before - the alerts icon. I now find I have 4 trophies!! Woo-hoo!!