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  1. GregKael

    Prem Prediction League 18/19

    Brighton v Wolves 1-2 Fulham v Bournemouth 0-1 Liverpool v Cardiff 2-0 Southampton v Newcastle 2-1 Watford v Huddersfield 1-0 Leicester v West Ham 2-2 Burnley v Chelsea 1-1 Palace v Arsenal 1-3 Man Utd v Everton 2-2 Spurs v Man City 1-3
  2. GregKael

    Prem Prediction League 18/19

    Chelsea v Man Utd 2-2 Bournemouth v Southampton 2-0 Cardiff v Fulham 0-2 Man City v Burnley 3-0 Newcastle v Brighton 1-2 West Ham v Spurs 1-3 Wolves v Watford 2-1 Huddersfield v Liverpool 0-3 Everton v Palace 1-1 Arsenal v Leicester 2-1
  3. GregKael

    Mike Ashley is here to stay.

    Don't think that he'd open a chain of stores like AG think more like Ikea, one massive store with a big catchment area, only needs around 12 stores nationwide.
  4. GregKael

    Electric car for golfers?

    Dibby, just explained it pretty well. Here's a wiki entry
  5. GregKael

    Electric car for golfers?

    In F1, the charging of the battery is done by the energy created by the "traditional" engine. The battery merely boosts a small part of the overall engine, it's pretty much how all hybrid vehicles or those with Energy Recovery Systems work. In theory, the idea of two batteries could work, but...
  6. GregKael

    Electric car for golfers?

    Because "you cannae change the laws of physics" A self charging battery would suffer from the law of conservation of energy, your essentially looking at perpetual motion.
  7. GregKael

    RC Spectator blinded

    Don't you have to supply your own public liability insurance if you are self-employed, even when working on a site where the owning business has public liability insurance?
  8. GregKael

    Prem Prediction League 18/19

    Brighton v West Ham 2-2 Burnley v Huddersfield 2-0 Palace v Wolves 1-2 Leicester v Everton 2-1 Spurs v Cardiff 2-0 Watford v Bournemouth 2-2 Man Utd v Newcastle 1-1 Fulham v Arsenal 1-2 Southampton v Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool v Man City 3-3
  9. GregKael

    Prem Prediction League 18/19

    Was away on holiday, so missed all the predictions, is there still time to get in with Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 2-1
  10. GregKael

    Waste of time or what ?

    But as sure as eggs are eggs, there will be someone complaining that they hadn't been cleared and the green staff are sitting around all day drinking tea.
  11. GregKael

    Prem Prediction League 18/19

    Fulham v Watford 1-2 Burnley v Bournemouth 0-2 Cardiff v Man City 0-4 Palace v Newcastle 2-1 Leicester v Huddersfield 2-0 Liverpool v Southampton 3-0 Man Utd v Wolves 2-1 Brighton v Tottenham 0-2 West Ham v Chelsea 0-2 Arsenal v Everton 2-0
  12. GregKael

    Golf and technology

    If DMD become tour legal then Bryson will, along with all manner of laser lines (levels)
  13. GregKael

    Prem Prediction League 18/19

    Week 5 Fixtures Spurs v Liverpool 2-2 Bournemouth v Leicester 1-2 Chelsea v Cardiff 3-1 Huddersfield v Palace 0-2 Man City v Fulham 3-0 Newcastle v Arsenal 2-1 Watford v Man Utd 2-1 Wolves v Burnley 2-2 Everton v West Ham 2-0 Southampton v Brighton 0-1
  14. GregKael

    Churchillian Home Insurance ripoff

    Companies no longer reward loyalty by discounting prices, they only care about new customers as that's increasing market share. Obviously the customers leaving is on slide 2 of the presentation by which point the shareholders have stopped reading/paying attention.
  15. GregKael

    Levv Golf - iphone Launch Monitor

    I gave it a whirl today, and it seems pretty accurate. Comparing my numbers to a trackman session from a week or so ago they are very similar. (not publishing them as I'm ashamed) I wouldn't say the app is amazing and it's certainly no Trackman or GC Quad. but to get launch angle, ball speed...
  16. GregKael

    Getting back in the game and custom fitting advice/opinions

    Hi, I'm looking for opinions/advice. I'm just getting back into playing golf. I played a bit as a teenager/early 20s but never what you would call regular (probaly 4 rounds a year), and then about 4 years ago I started to get back into it bought some shiny new clubs (RBZ Irons, steel shaft...